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the language of peace

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Subject: Re: Afghanistan

‘My great-grandfather Winston Churchill, who spent a large part of his career in the army, would have been shocked by the way our government is treating men who risked their lives to help British forces’.
I am not convinced this is true. Churchill’s lust for war and advocacy of methods of mass-killing (mustard gas – can there be a more euphemistic use of the word ‘mustard’?) showed scant regard for civilian ‘interpreters’. We have been responsible for arming and motivating a new and deadly dissident army in Afghanistan through sheer incompetence and lack of a coherent military goal. How much were these ‘interpreters’ paid per hour while ‘on every patrol’? Afghanistan is an unmitigated disaster for this country and there should be extensive and serious investments in education and farming forthwith. Call it reparations. Law.

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what kind of world will Georgie see?


Congratulations to kate and wills – wonderful news

It’s a happy, happy, day for Kate

It’s a happy, happy, day for Wills

Happy happy day for Wills and Kate

Our future king was only one week late

What kind of world will Georgie  see?

What kind of ruler will he be?

Will it be a world of war and blight?

Or is the universal peace dream worth the fight?

(‘Georgie’ added 25/7/13, the day after the announcement of His Royal Highness Prince George The Duke of Cambridge’s second and third names: Alexander Louis)

First performed by Banjo Nick on

Cambridge 105 – Community Radio in Your City  Paul Christoforou keeps you
company on Tuesday afternoons with a mix of music, chat and local features. Cached

added it to this song which I’ve been carrying around for a year or so

It’s a happy happy day for you

It’s a happy happy day for me

Happy happy day for you and me

The love we thought was gone has set us free

Meet me in your love-swept dream

You’ll find me by our old love stream

The waters there are fast and clear

Tumbling down the valley old fear

Happy happy day for you

Happy happy day for me

Happy happy day for you and I

The love we thought was shot has set us free

Meet me in your love-swept dream

I’ll meet you by our old love stream

The waters there are fast and clear

Tumbling down the mountain of old fear

added 24th July 2013

royal baby day 1

Also banjo-picked ‘Jolene’ to country-voiced Jenny (brilliant local singer-songwriter, still only 20, bsking the summer before completing her degree at Manchester University. Evening finally came to terms with the Gibson, marked out the changes afresh with Les, and we rehearsed til it was tight and various. Banjo/fiddle converstions with Les the bridge to Dierdre’s compelling voice. Red Velvet were born last night – it’s going to be great!

royal baby 3

Added a couple of verses to ‘Sing your Song’

You can’t build a dam on the Fitzroy (x2)

River gotta flow

barramundi gotta grow

You can’t build a dam on the Fitzroy

You can’t build an airport on the estuary (x2)

Boris gets a little fame for giving his name

to something that’s never gonna happen


Boris stains his name in the hall of shame for something that’s never gonna happen

royal baby 2

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Subject: Harry says there is a ‘front’ to which he wants to return

ill-advised for a Prince of the Realm to be speaking this way at a time of retreat from a pointless and devastating war, Charles
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prove it

From: Jeff
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A.1 No.
A.2. Yes.
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do thoughts move faster than the speed of light?
does dark flow move faster than the speed of thought?


Feedback to BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ Complaints regarding Murray Day
Sent: Monday, 8 July 2013, 13:19

From: Nick Ward

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Subject: Tony Blair on ‘Today’
The decision to mix up ‘peace’ envoy Blair’s pro-Israeli stance on arms-deliveries (‘oil on fire’ to quote Glenda Jackson) to Syrian ‘opposition’ forces with John Humphrys’ interview with Murray was surely John’s idea. Who took the decision to invite this war-profiteer on to the programme in the first place.
It was the glee in Blair’s voice as he spoke of deaths in Syria outnumbering deaths in Iraq which seemed to pass old Jim by — and again that use of the word ‘democracy’.
The trouble is we are so far in returning is a tedious as go oe’r – the arms traders have won?
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Subject: Lord Sachs on ‘Today’ yesterday
He spoke of ‘the delicate balance of rights and responsibilities’ as he praised the US funded military take-over in Egypt. He spoke of inalienable ‘democratic’ rights; that liberty is about ‘self-restraint’ and ‘making space for people to live’ regardless of religious affiliations. All this without mentioning the sufferings of the Lebanese under the Israeli military democratic dictatorship.
Meanwhile I am wondering how many Unite members vote Tory. Not many perhaps but that’s the way playwright-directors approach things, ‘greenwise’.
Yesterday I collided with Michael Tanner on Trinity Street!



on Portobello Rd this morning, photo Michael Woods


Michael, inspirational artist


William Hague’s claim that ‘every weapon that has ever been devised’ is being ‘dropped’ on Syrian by Assad (top BBC story yesterday) is obviously a gross untruth in support of his pitch to keep the huge UK arms trade fueling the killing when we should be sending aid and stopping the sales and supply of arms- and bringing pressure on Russia to do likewise. In the six days since the horrific Woolwich murder (by an operative well known to M15) two BBC interviews stand out: 1.Thursday am  BBC R4 ‘Today’ have ‘oil is our life-blood’ Neville-Jones on speaking of the ‘inspiration’ of the murderer (motivation more apposite?). She stands for war -and has profited greatly from it. 2. The fawning Nick Robinson interviewing Teresa May on the Andrew Marr Show in which he fudged all political logic with talk of the next woman Prime Minister and the need for the Snoopers Charter. Chief Political Editor for a warmongering BBC? The persona he wishes to project?

M15 leadership is a national disgrace.

I’m in the internet cafe opposite the Garrick armed only with my ukelele.

Rather than advocating the sale of yet more lethal weapons the BBC should,at least, be proving itself impartial enough to put the case for peace

Responding to Caroline Lucas’ weekly email bulletin:
Caroline Lucas: ‘In light of the leaked letter sent by the Foreign Secretary to Cabinet colleagues, calling on them not to speak about the Iraq war anniversary, the decision not to give time for an Iraq debate looks dangerously like Government is doing its best to shut down Parliamentary scrutiny of arguably the most damaging foreign policy decision in recent times.I am speaking at a public meeting on 19th March to mark the 10th anniversary of the war – please do join me at the Friends Meeting House on Ship Street, Brighton from 7.30pm onwards.’…I am unclear about the total cost of this war to the taxpayer (who is not?) – not just the financial cost but the cost to ‘democracy’… but then if the BBC ‘Today’ piece celebrating ‘democracy’ in Israel this morning is anything to go by perhaps the word should be banned altogether. We are caught up in an appalling complicity  – made more so by the shameful silence in the Lib Dem corner. As for ‘former Labour leaders’ – all we really need to know from them is who was responsible for the writing of the ’45’ minute speech to Parliament? I assume that gaining full access to the Bush-Blair exchanges is about as likely as seeing Prince Harry’s flight reports detailing exactly how many ‘insurgents’ he killed from a height of 200m as ‘part of the game’ in Afghanistan.So before this country’s political arms-traders commit us to further disastrous and illegal military oil-grabs (in the name of ‘democracy’ – what could have been less democratic?) perhaps the time has come to add such inevitables as torture, rape, starvation, poisoned water supplies, dispossession, civil wars, tribal wars, the increased threat of jihadism, etc, to the mix of inevitable consequences – although this will not come easily to the spread-sheet brigade. They do not have the mind-set for it. Neither do Israel and the USA.Who has control of the oils supply in Iraq? Who owns the oil?
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photo of Duchess of Cambridge from Yahoo News
This morning’s BBC Radio 4 Today Programme had an Anglo-French theme. Anglo-French story 1. The illegal and grossly intrusive long-lens snooper-shots of  The Duchess of Cambridge on private property in Provence on holiday – and now published in France (‘nipple’ shots the Today Programme could not resist informing us in our soft-pornographied age). Anglo-French story 2. The merger announced earlier this week between British arms giant, BAE Systems, and a French-owned arms manufacturer EADS.
1 day ago An Astute class nuclear submarine is brought out of the Devonshire Dock Hall at
the BAE Systems production plant in Barrow-in-Furness, 2007.

What surprised and disappointed me in the likable Sarah Monatague’s handling of this thorny subject (with the Middle East awash with weapons in the underage hands of ‘uneducated’ Islamist zealots on an ‘anti-American’ mission) was that at no point in her interviews with the UK arms-trading lobby did she make the simple connection that the primary market for these weapons is, and will continue to be, by whatever covert means, the Middle East. Instead she bemoaned the fact that there will be, as is the nature of such mergers, job losses in the UK arms trade.
There was another chilling item – a recording of a woman being handed the death penalty by the shrill ‘judicial’ instrument of a totalian regime – I was only half  listening at this point – the beauty of radio – with my guitar on my lap finally getting around to finger-picking  Bob Dylan’s ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ — Sarah Montague was only half listening too, it seems, as the heart-wrenching cry of the condemened womnan was followed by sound of Sarah’s usually infectious laughter. My advice to BBC Radio 4 presenters is to listen carefully to the item immediately preceeding their next intervention to avoid such a ghastly effect as the sound of Sarah Monatague laughing at an unknown woman’s tragic fate at the hands of the kind of regime the UK likes best to target with guns and complex weapons systems.
Meanwhile the BBC Today Programme team has decided to go soft on Boris Johnson whose 2004 Spectator piece effectively served to distort the course of  long-sought justice (Hillsborough) – Boris is, of course, now claiming that he was not the sole author of a mean-spirited attempt to lay the blame for this early police kettling experiment on the fans. The dark side of Boris Johnson is simply fascistic, was Ken Livingston’s view.
Uncorrected and sent to BBC Radio 4 complaints, Julian Huppert, Caroline Lucas, Zac Goldsmith, members of Parliamnent.
I ‘ll check and fill in the facts later – I have a friend to meet on the savagely over-priced London-Cambridge train.
The really big story is Israel’s plan to attack Iran – what will be the asymetrical responses to that insane idea which must at be stopped? Discuss asap!
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who is the author and why does it matter?

The other night I watched a tv Whitehouse-endorsed ‘documentary-drama’ showing the assassination of  Bin Laden in which President Obama appears as a talking head narrator. In the film Bin Laden is shown in resplendent billowing white and shot after a telling pause.

Yesterday the US Navy Seal supposedly responsible for shooting Bin Laden dead claimed to have done so without hesitation.

In a case like this who is deemed the ‘author’ of the film and why does it matter?

SEAL’s first-hand account of bin Laden killing – CBS News…/seals-first-hand-account-of-binladen-killing/

3 days ago – You are about to meet one of the men who shot Osama bin Laden. Mark Owen recently left the Navy’s elite counterterrorism unit, SEAL Team 6.

Death of Osama bin Laden – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Osama bin Laden, the former head of the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda, was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, local time by Navy SEALs of the United States

What will be the asymetrical responses to Israel’s proposed war on Iran?

Added 17 September 2012
Sergeant Gareth Thursby (left) and Private Thomas Wroe, both of 3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, who have been killed in Afghanistan. Photograph: MoD/PA
I sent this email this morning to the BBC Today Programme as this morale-crushing news failed to make the BBC Radio 4 news round-up this morning.
Monday, 17 September 2012, 12:05
I was deeply disturbed by this 8.10 am interview conducted by Sarah Montague.
Blair did not want to discuss Israel-Palestine. Blair did not want to discuss Desmond Tutu’s view that his lie to Parliament ref WMD is one of the worst war crimes in human history.
Who elected Blair to the role of ‘peace envoy’ to the quartet after he had been thrown from office on the Iraq invasion backlash?
Meanwhile no mention in this morning’s programme of the Afghan women killed by incompetent US air-strikes.
Yes, infantile, brain-washed, gun-toting Islamists are infiltrating the Afghan security forces in great numbers – and the killings will continue.
Yes, Islamist leaders do not like to be reminded that the Prophet was incestuous – but it is not against the law in the US to make films depicting him thus. It is against the law in the US to state that the Moses of Numbers 33 was possibly insane when he heard God’s voice in the burning bush permitting the State of Israel – after 40 years on the run from home in Egypt.
I am surprised the BBC took this decision – and I am surprised at the profound lack of a sense of history demonstrated by the Today Team.
I’ll blog along these lines later.
were the eleven or thirteen women married to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
….. According to Watt, this “conception of incest was bound up with old practices’s_wives Cached

Gustave Doré (1832-1883), La fuga di Lot da Sodoma. Incisione per l’edizione del 1875 della Bibbia.

The Qur’an says that Lot is a prophet, and holds that all prophets were in the
Bible story that Lot consented to his action, in Islam these stories of incest are

the role play paradox (updated) September 12, 2011

Tony Blair in John Humphrys well-judged interview for the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 refuses to distance himself from sure knowledge of the systematic use of M16-complicit torture; Humphrys kept the door open to the Tony Blair war-crimes trial of which this interview felt like an open rehearsal.

He articulated with brilliance the view that Blair’s responsibility for acts of war of mindblowing massive-shock brutality will not go away – and the consequences of that in the violent terms of islamist retribution is an outcome, at all times, to consider.

That is why those of us who campaigned against the illegal invasion of Iraq are keeping unelected US Middle-East ‘envoy’ Tony Blair firmly within our sights. What are the details concerning the 70 missions he boasts of since being thrown from office on the Iraq backlash? Have minutes been kept? If no minutes have been kept why have no minutes been kept? What has war-maker (and war-profiteer) Blair achieved in this dubious role? Hats off to John Humprhys and BBC R4 Today Programme colleagues – the beeb very nearly fell for it, Melvyn.

What are the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, John Humphrys?

An earlier version of ’the role play paradox’ was published here on 10th September, the day of this revealing John Humphrys/Tony Blair interview on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

For my view of the destruction of Buddhist sites in Afghanistan and repudiation of the ‘fatwa against yoga’ click here: Lahiri Mayasaya . I am hoping that by officially opening up direct negotiations with the Taliban, as Obama is in the process of doing, the points raised in this blog will be taken into account. Buddhists (particuarly philosophical Buddhists) make the ideal peace brokers because they do not kill and have trained themselves towards a state of optimal compassion.

added 6th September 2011, an e-mail to my MP, Julian Huppert – Lib Dem, Cambridge, with Caroline Lucas, Green Party, copied in.
I keep imagining a Green Liberal Party – could catch on.
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 09:58:37 +0000

Dear Julian,

In the light of the yesterday’s revelations from Tripoli Military Council head Abdelhakim Belhadj about his 6 years of solitary confinement and CIA-M16 torture following M16-complicit rendition (and Eliza Manningham Buller’s surprising admissions that M16 complicity in the the Blair-US ‘War on Terror’ were both delusional and illegal) surely the time has come for the Liberal Democrats to break this illiberal Coalition and offer their unconditional support to the likes of Clive Stafford Smith and his colleagues at Reprieve UK and Reprieve who have been tirelessly campaigning against these shamefull oil-arms-industry activities which, since 9/11 (and before) have been given the most illogical and spurious credibility.

As I made clear in my Nick Ward Scenarios blog ‘1984 Remembered’, the issue with the illegal Iraq invasion remains the ‘authorship and delivery’ of Blair’s ’45 minute’ speech to Parlaiment. In the same blog I bemoan the way Blair hooked in the likes of my old friend playwright-filmmaker Anthony Minghella for his re-election campaign. That is how corrupted our liberal (labour) democracy became. The Lib Dems were the only party not to vote to invade Iraq. Why does this Coalition with the arms-trading Tory party continue to hold? – it is an afront to peaceful dialogue, it is an afront to the likes of Abdelhakim Belhadj. Do you agree that we urgently need the Lib Dem voice to be heard above our corrupted Parliament.

Break it.

Also… a personal plug! Banjo Nick will be performing 2×20 minute sets at the Portland Arms Folk Club on November 6th. It would be great to see you there. Perhaps a chance to talk about the new Arts Theatre Studio facility. At least the Arts Theatre Board have done something right after squandering £14 million on useless refurbishment of Arts Theatre – money which could have ensured Cambridge-generated theatre production indefinitely if the kinds of production models I am proposing were to be adopted.

Best wishes,

Nick Ward

Also for Caroline Lucas, Green.

Feb 8th 2011: Spring! (and Chomsky on Egypt)
‘I know what you want’ (8/2/2011) (detail) painting by Nick Ward – 2xA4 card – watercolour, acrylic, printing ink, pastel.

“This Is The Most Remarkable Regional Uprising That I Can Remember”

Noam Chomsky: ‎The United States, so far, is essentially following the usual playbook. I mean, there have been many times when some favored dictator has lost control or is in danger of losing control. There’s a kind of a standard routine—Marcos, Duvalier, Ceausescu, strongly supported by the United States and Britain, Suharto: keep supporting them as long as possible; then, when it becomes unsustainable—typically, say, if the army shifts sides—switch 180 degrees, claim to have been on the side of the people all along, erase the past, and then make whatever moves are possible to restore the old system under new names.

11th September 2010

search term: ground zero new york

Saturday, 11 September 2010 (quoting from Robert Fisk’s excellent piece in The Independent)
The Independent
The World Trade Center site with memorial footprints of the twin towers visible
The World Trade Center site with memorial footprints of the twin towers visible
‘This is the loss, of course. But who’s made the profit? Well, the arms dealers, naturally, and Boeing and Lockheed Martin and all the missile lads and the drone manufacturers and F-16 spare parts outfits and the ruthless mercenaries who stalk the Muslim lands on our behalf now that we have created 100,000 more enemies for each of the 19 murderers of 9/11.’ Robert Fisk
Obama: I regret my inflamatory endorsement of the building of a Mosque on Ground Zero.

The Theatre of the Future and Stonehenge : In my opinion if there is to be a gathering place on Ground Zero, New York, it should be one of the broadest theatrical interest.  The proposed Mosque is unnecessary on this location (added 9/11 or anywhere near it!): the many extraordinarily beautiful and instructive representatives of Islamic performance and art should be given free reign regarding artistic cross-fertilzation. Cultural identity respected all round, for ‘Peace Train’ Yusef (August 20th 2010).

search term: anna chapman news
10th  September 2010 (for Caroline Lucas)
The motion was passed by 310 votes to 14.
That’s only 14 Members of Parliament who are not in the favour of this war. I wonder how closely this deeply depressing result mirrors popular opinion.Good to hear your voice on the radio, Caroline… I really did not know that opinions in Westminster are this militaristically insane.Nick Wardplenty of work to do (a life-style choice?)
25 Jul 2010, 10:07PM in today’s Guardian
“We strongly condemn the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organisations, which puts the lives of the US and partner service members at risk and threatens our national security”
Or, in English:
“We strongly condemn the disclosure of information that makes us look like bloodthirsty fucking idiots.”
Or, as bragging killer sacked General Stanley Allen McChrystal put it to Rolling Stone, I paraphrase:
‘We’ve killed an amazing number of civilians!’, or words to that effect. And he was bragging about the killing on the ground, with guns and stealth. Obama seems to prefer to preside over the less hands-on approach – the deadly, inaccurate, drone. Sounds like a bumble bee! Sweet and ugly distortion of language, Uncle Sam – for a mass-murdering purpose. The coward’s way. Remind me, why did this conflict start? Bin Ladin is not an Afghan. Why was India partitioned in the first place?  What kind of war is America hoping for with North Korea? With Iran? Who sank that ship? Who brought down the twin towers? Who cares? This is brand-obama and it’s breaking the rules of sanity. ‘A broken man’ is how he’s going end up predicts Bob Dylan. It was on Barrack Obama’s watch, not Bush’s, that the US-led Muslim-killing spree was taken over the ‘border’ into Pakistan? Who cares? David Cameron and his army of arms traders care very much – that’s why they are hard at selling atomic and conventional weaponry to India (and next week to Pakistan, have no doubt) as I write this Cameron tells us he is going at India in humility – how about a course in meditation? India is a spiritual condition, deep down, way deeper than warmongering Cameron and his army of materialists will ever know, I fear. OM
Country Joe McDonald (honourably discharged Vietnam Vet): 1,2,3,4 we don’t want your fucking war.
Come on all you big strong men Uncle Sam needs your help again
Instant recall Vietnam, way down  in Afghanistan
So put down your books and pick up your gun
But don’t expect to call it fun
coz friendly fire from Uncle Sam
Is ten times worse than the Taliban
I’ll tone this down when my angers done
Arms traders are scum on scum.
Added July 14 2010
In years to come (how many? who knows?) David Cameron’s response to the murder of British Servicemen by Afghan resistence fighters ‘hidden’ in their ranks (trained and armed by the British taxpayer) will haunt him. His response? We must continue with our appallingly expensive mission to arm and train the forces that will continue to fuel the kind of Islamist acts of terror that keep Pauline Neville-Jones, Cameron’s ‘Security’ arm, laughing all the way to the bank. This Coalition is a coalition of global destructiveness.
How deeply does Cameron’s apparent  ignorence of the cause and effect nature of this conflict’s mirroring of the British Government’s arming of the Taliban at the time of Thatcher’s boycott of the Moscow Olympics go? Not very deeply, I think.  Nothing like a sanctimonious Old Etonian going for natural resources. Preachy, with it.
Do we want Russia to boycott London 2012?
As Caroline Lucas pointed out last week unless we invest in the infastructure of a future less dependent on fossil fuels and war there is no hope. What did we do to deserve Cameron?
Re: FW: message for cameron‏
From: greencarolinelucas
Sent: Wednesday, 14 July 2010 9:35:58 AM
To: Nick Ward
Many thanks Nick.
On 14 July 2010, Nick Ward wrote:
keep it up, Caroline – you are speaking for millions
Nick Ward
Added May 13 2010
On BBC Radio 4′s Today programme it was reported today that US military spending in Afghanistan for the month of April topped 7 Billion Dollars – for the first time exceeding the monthy spending in Iraq. This will make the arms traders underpinning the Cameron-Clegg love-in very happy. Cameron and Clegg make no mention of the war, just as Obama tells us that the understated reports of  President Hamid Karzai’ s desparate and corrupt regime have been ‘overstated’. Smiling, smiling villains.
Obama also said, ‘The war in Afghanistan cannot be won by military means alone’.
Hamid Karzai (in Washington): Afghanistan is a poor country.
Added 14th April 2010:
On this morning’s Today Programme we were treated to a leading representative of  The Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces in this horrendously expensive campaign who dismissed as ‘facile’ the interviewer’s point that Islamist extremism is a never ending flow and is never going to be ‘cleared’ to use  Sir Richard Dannatt language and that the continuation of Dannatt’s policy will lead to a severe reduction in Great Britain’s ability to defend itself. This Top Brass human killing machine also used the word ‘existential’ with regard to the ‘threat’ from places like Pakistan and Bradford. If America decides to bomb Bradford will they spare the Cathedral? I hope so because my sister works and prays there. What exactly does this bellicose semi-literate understand by the word ‘existential’?
I am reminded of an Australian mercenary I met while busking in Perth, Western Australia, in 2004. He had ‘enjoyed’ a very successful career creating misery, division and destruction in various African countries before investing bank-looted money in his property portfolio. For some reason he liked me enough to share the golden rule of the successful soldier which, in his opinion, is to ‘never attempt to learn the languages of those you are slaughtering, or to sympatise/empathise in any way with their cultural and religious traditions – for if you do your chances of being killed are greatly increased’. Words to that effect.
How ironic that next up on Radio 4 was the brilliantly organised Melvyn Bragg slot on the towering American philosopher William James who coined the expression ‘the divided self’ and wrote ‘The Varieties of Religious Experience’ (first published in 1902) and was invited to Edinburgh in 1908 – the time of the very last Liberal Government. 1906 was a landslide – 2010 is a quagmire. Clegg is responsible for the warmongering betrayal of the only mainstram political party to have voted against the illegal invasion of Iraq. His great Liberal antecedants of Westminster School must be turning in their graves. David Milliband is a slimy, nurdy, Blair-clone. Ed Milliband is the future Prime Minister – if he listens very carefully to what Caroline Lucas has to say – which he will! Caroline Lucas is the most significant British politician to have been elected to Parliament since Kier Hardy, in my opinion.
A Green first past the post – I didn’t believe it could happen. Bravo Brighton Pavillion!
Thank God for Sir Mick Jagger – Exile on Main Street (1970) outakes – can’t wait… and what a beautifully, transcendentally brilliant frontman he is. Honest too – up to a point.
The amount of money being spent is this futile campaign in the Afghanistan/Pakistan tribal homelands could be used to fund hospitals, agricultural programmes, schools (I could go, obviously). Where does it end?
For me, next week, giving the soft-questioning John Humphreys a break and checking out the mad-cap carrot-top Chris Evans on Radio 2 (9.5 million listeners)– or perhaps I’ll just listen to some birdsong – Radio Three, I love – but even that great space is now regularly invaded by delusional military despatches.
Added 7 April 2010
President Hamid Karzai’ s ‘erratic’ behaviour, according to a BBC Radio 4 report this morning is beginning to look like something put together by Monty Python: such is his outrage at the pointlessness of the American-led occupation of Afghanistan that ‘puppet’ Karzai is threatening to join the Taliban.
Added Sunday 20 Feb
Added Sunday 24 January
Added 18 January 2010 from The Daily Telegraph
Corporal Lee Brownson (left), and Rifleman Luke Farmer
Corporal Lee Brownson (left), and Rifleman Luke Farmer from 3rd Battalion, the Rifles who were named today as the two soldiers killed in Afghanistan Photo: PA
The pair, both from the 3rd Battalion, The Rifles, were killed while on patrol in southern Sangin in Helmand Province by an improvised explosive device.
Their deaths take the toll on British forces in the country to 249 since operations began in 2001.
Added 1 January 2010
108 dead in 2009
Added 29 December
Clive Stafford-Smith, writing in The Guardian: ‘Sadly, if predictably, the Afghan war has dramatically increased heroin supplies. Whatever else one says about the Taliban, they are credited with reducing heroin production by 94%, but by 2006 the New York Times reported that heroin production had reached record levels. So much for the Afghan war being crucial to our government’s goal of protecting people on the streets of London.’
Added 23 December 2009
From Cambridge Stop the War Coalition: ‘The total number of deaths of British soldiers in Afghanistan this year is 106. In an interview on this morning’s Today programme on Radio 4, Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, said friendly fire incidents took place “very frequently indeed due to the utter confusion and chaos of war.” Not only the “utter confusion and chaos” of war in general, but also the particular nature of this eight-year conflict, which has taken an acute turn for the worse this year, go to make this sad news all the more sickening. From our stall in town, we know that young men and women who are unable to find employment elsewhere are turning to the army as last resort. With just 6 weeks training they will be sent to the front line, risking their lives for a war that increasing numbers of UK soldiers no longer believe they should be fighting’.
Added 2 December 2009:
What were you doing when you heard the news of the upcoming additional 30,000 Obama US troop onslaught in in the Afghanistan/Pakistan tribal borderlands?
I was really keen. I tuned into the BBC World Service ‘World Briefing’ broadcast (1 am in Cambridge, England) to hear it as it was broadcast live… and I am going to find it hard find the words to express my astonishment at the way the programme was handled.
Rather than just let us listen to words of the Obama speech-writing team as it was broadcast LIVE! he got about five minutes in (to the bit where he said he has never supported the illegal invasion of Iraq) and he was CUT OFF and we were subjected to ‘commentators’ commenting on the speech as it was being broadcast. In other words one of the most significant post-Vietnam speeches by a US President had the plug pulled by the BBC.
I think one of the ‘experts’ who took over was someone called Nick Childs. This was surreal. Nick Childs was telling us both what Obama had just said and what he was going on to say. All at the same time while he was listening to Obama’s speech unfolding on his headset.
Nick Childs must be a total genius to be able to listen and commentate and draw conclusions all at the same time.
His skills must be quite simply super-human in the opinions of the BBC top brass warmongers.
The result of course was a sickening feeling of what the fuck is going on? ’scuse language.
Nick Childs and other experts who I have never heard of were given the airwaves as Obama was speaking.
Who was responsible for the act of tastless, senseless, BBC sabotage?
Am I the only one to have complained?
What is going on, Terry?
Why couldn’t we just listen to the speech?
Too weird!
NICK CHILDS is bigger than  barrack obama

BBC Defense and Security

Added 30th Novemeber 2009: I woke early this morning and subjected myself to three hours of Radio Four. The Israeli Ambassador in London came on and there was not a single question representing the repugnance so many of us feel about the ongoing land-grabbing. Instead he was asked about what Israel’s response to Iran’s expansion of uranium enrichment is going to be. Is Israel planning a nuclear attack on Iran? There was a sinister silence. Meanwhile Gordon Brown pressures Obama into escallating the Afghanistan/Pakistan onslaught and he’s using the ‘man-hunt’ argument. Islamist terrorism does not work that way. Bin Ladin is a red herring.
Added 21st Oct.
Gordon Brown’s latest statement to Parliament on the dismally corrupt ‘President’ Hamid Karzai sinks below the level of primary school intelligence and would  be beneath contempt if it were not for the utter disregard for the sitting-duck British servicemen who will be picked off in the re-run of an election which in the Babaji District saw a turn-out of 150 voters out of a population of 80,000.
Brown admires Karzai’s ‘statesmanlike acceptance’ that the British-backed rigging of votes on a scale which is simply beyond belief has been exposed and goes on to say this: ‘ The purpose of being in Afghanistan is to protect us on the streets of London (Amy: ‘Bollocks, Gordon’)
and the other cities of our country from Al Qaeda and the Taliban taking control in Afghanistan’.
What? Brown is either no longer sane and believes this to be true or he is expressing a murderous deception in declaring as truth what he knows to be a lie. Shame on you, Gordon Brown.
AP APTOPIX US Obama Britain
Bring them home: Afghanistan is an unwinable  death-trap. Both sides of the border. Humanitarian disaster: refugees on the run with no where to run in Pakistan. No US aid in sight. Hunger and despair, Obama.  Arms traders like Pauline Neville Jones very happy.
Meanwhile under-protected Iraq is kicking off again and bodyguards have subdued a Palestinian man as he approached unelected stomach-churning Middle East ‘Peace’ envoy and multi-millionaire War-Maker Tony Blair, howling with rage and truth “You are a terrorist.”
Added 14th Oct. Gordon Brown will today read the names of the 37 servicemen who have died since the last PM’s Question Time in mid-July as he commits 500 additional, under-equipted, confused, combat soldiers to Afghanistan. This escallation will increase the probability of terrorist attacks in the UK by terrorist cells resident in the UK.
Meanwhile contradictory President Obama strives to enforce his desire to see human aid forces multiplied and to play down the dire consequences of the rigged election and to celebrate the fact that for the first time since US conscription was ended in 1973 military recruitment targets have been met.
janus head obama
Note that in his his first speech following the Nobel Peace Prize announcement he went out of his way to create homosexual cannon fodder. The Arms Traders continue to laugh all the way to the bank.
paulene neville jones the bloody one
Pauline Neville Jones, arms trader, former BBC Governor, former Chair Joint Intelligence Committe and chief persecutor of David Kelly is 3rd on the left. She speaks for the Tory Party. She looks like a sweet little grannie but she is a ruthless conscience-free arms-length killer with a very considerable fortune built from undercover destruction. She even gives seminars on the ‘glass ceiling’ to fake feminist businesswomen bullies and no doubt makes lovely home-made jam. Debate with me, Pauline – and bring your bank statements. You have some tax to pay. Oxford academic too. We simply must nail the arms traders, like Trinity College, Cambridge and All Souls, Oxford or there is no future for this tiny world. It’s cruch time.
Added 7th Oct, Daily Telegraph: ‘The disclosure that Barack Obama and Gen Stanley McChrystal, the Nato chief in Afghanistan, are seriously at odds over tactics and resources, including manpower, is deeply worrying.’  Understatement.
Meanwhile Blair guns for EU Presidency despite the impending investigation into the unresolved questions relating to the authorship and delivery of the ’45’ minute speech to Parliament which led to the illegal inavsion of Iraq. With Polanski also awaiting trial, who is going to complete the movie The Ghost which concerns the Trial of Tony Blair? I’ll do it, if it’s just a final polish and music. No worries.
Added 13th July: The terrible news of deaths of 8 British soldiers with an average age of 20 in the space of 24 hours is a shocking wake-up call and puts me in mind of Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ (written more than 2400 years ago) Part 3, Chapter 10: Terrain. Opening para.
‘Ground may be classified according to its nature as accessible, entangling, temporizing, precipitous, distant, or having narrow passes. Ground which both we and the enemy can traverse with equal ease is called accesible’. (Wordsworth Editions Ltd, 1983)
Three of the dead soldiers were 18 years old and sent into terrain which is far from accessible against an ‘enemy’ so adept that they can disappear in a moment. Our soldiers lack direction, our generals lack a common purpose. For Obama to claim that this war is being waged to prevent terrorist attacks in Great Britain is both false (it is doing much to increase the probability of such attacks – and the potential suicide attackers are already here) and alarmist.
For Obama to contradict the true estimates of experts is down-right murderous. The war is unwinable and there is no just cause for its escallation. Obama is indeed a double-headed beast and a very dangerous one for he uses the sympathy he elicits in pacifists to silence them. Afghanistan is unwinable. Israel is 1000 times more dangerous to the world than the Taliban. Cameron is a sanctimonious prig steeped in his party’s investment in killing machines. Clegg is shooting the only political party which did not vote for the disastrous and illegal invasion of Iraq in the foot. Brown is a curse against honesty. God help us. Not a single voice in Parliament with the courage to speak up for peace in this fragile world. The most corrupt and senseless Parliament since Magna Carta. Get Mandy and Pauline Neville Jones – they know all about the murder of David Kelly.
englandbet (5 months ago) added:
What are we fighting for?
maybe because we are controlled by governments that claim to have our best interests at heart, but sometimes it looks like “best interests” are best figures on the spreadsheet.
this world modern world is turning into an absolute shame.
great video – thanks x


  1. Hi Nick,

    I am doing a piece on Addenbrooks patient radio and thay have asked me to select three songs. I would like to play what are we fighting for but can’t download it onto a memory stick, if they have a computer and internet all will be fine, but just incase do you have a way of helping me to get it onto a memory stick – I will need it before 10.00 am tomorrow Weds 15th….sorry last minute merchant cathy

    • no worries, Cathy – hope you found a way of downloading – just get them to play it from YouTube on air, perhaps. Thanks 4 making it a choice – and thanks for chasing up Star Radio after they had broadcast the ‘edited’ version to sound like a call-up song. That really struck me as typical of the fear the entire media from top to grass roots has of expressing the general consensus that our involvement in this war is being manipulated big time by shadowy television and radio execs with fingers stuck in the arms trade.

  2. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

    • thanks, Lazy, keep it up

  3. Hello!
    Good to meet you on the coach, nothing like a good conversation to brighten a motorway. Read a bit of your blog, rather amusing mix of interesting facts and mad imaginings, keep up the good work. Hope you had a good time in London.
    You know my name now, haha!
    Wishing you much happiness 🙂

  4. Thanks, Naomi – hope you enjoyed the Anarchist bookfair (and you call my imaginings mad!)… my imaginings are peaceful and aimed at those who seem, for reasons that are not beyond my understanding, to be operating outside the language of peace. Take top Tory Pauline Neville Jones as an example. Today the Sun reports an independent report into the 2006 Nimrod explosion which states that her arms company QinetiQ ‘failed to find a critical fault in Nimrod XV 230’. Does she apologise? It was great to talk, lets do it again!

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  6. Je t’aime, Nick !!! Sylvie xxx

  7. Je t’aime aussi xxx

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  10. From Gordon Bowden, Ex RAF Engineer:

    Look a little deeper into QINETIQ, Pauline Neville Jones, Sir John Chisholm, Sir David Lees and you will find their close GROUP associates.
    ex SAS Commander ALDWIN J G WIGHT
    KROLL Group
    Commander of OMAN Special Forces
    ex SAS Commander MARK BLAGBROUGH
    MOD Advisor KROLL Group
    You might like to remember KROLL Security were in charge of the 9-11 WTC

    Ambassador FRANCES D COOK. LONRHO Group
    GEOFFREY WHITE: LONRHO GROUP and the office of

    and BIN LADEN
    JUSTIN LONGLEY: nephew of
    MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove

    Now, what are our 2 most decorated SAS Commanders and associates of SIMON MANN, TONY BUCKINGHAM, TIM SPICER, RUPERT BOWEN doing in the same Company as the “HIDDEN” business associates of ROBERT MUGABE, MOHAMED ADNAN KHASHOGGI and over 150 FRAUD FRONT CASH SHELLS and operating out of the same London Address?

    Operating with their affiliated Subsidiary Sub structured Smoke and Mirror Companies, Directly linked to the assassination of RSA Mining Magnate BRETT KEBBLE DRD and JCI missing assets of US$400Million moved to companies at

    Yes, Dame Pauline Neville Jones knows a lot more about poor Dr DAVID KELLY and why the Conservative Government covered up the BAE Systems Fraud just as she knows EXACTLY why there are over 20 CONSERVATIVE Members of the House of Lords and MP’s that are structured as Non Executive Directors in these FAKE, FRAUD MONEY LAUNDERING AIM L.S.E. Listed Companies.
    To name a few

    Now EXPLAIN Why these distinguished Dignitaries are DIRECTLY associated to HUNDREDS of “FAILED” OIL, DIAMOND, GOLD, PLATINUM, ZINC, URANIUM, COAL AIM L.S.E LISTED “EXPLORATION” Companies traced to the TSX-V, ASX, and now the UNAUDITED, UNREGULATED
    AIM L.S.E. who have used as substantial shareholders, Financial Institutions like

    Billions lost to DELISTED Fraud Companies covered by
    the 4 VIP Directors of

    Conservative Government Corruption.
    Start with ARLINGTON ASSOCIATES because it goes directly to GEORGE W BUSH and BILL CLINTON

    • thank you Gordon… I am not qualified to comment on the information you provide but I do wonder how these predominantly Conservative Party secret ‘operators’ and their New Labour and international money laundering associates sleep at night? As I have said I was brought up by a CND Mum and I am kept awake at night by things like yesterday’s Radio 4 Today Programme outing by Prosser (Israel’s Ambasador to London) where he joked about Israel’s doing nothing to stop Palestinians bringing belly-dancers in from Egypt. I have a soft spot for Jewish jokes but not this one. I just don’t get it. Neither did John Humphrys.

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  13. NICK.

    You might like to know.

    22 Arlington Street. London SW1A1RD
    Web site has been remove.


    Well, just in case you didn’t know.

    ex SAS Commander MARK BLAGBROUGH is a
    Director of LLOYDS OF LONDON in

    I don’t think that’s the NICE IMAGE LLOYD’s is looking for.
    A director who is also a Director with the “OLD”


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  23. Nick Ward.
    Try this
    Know ALL about.
    HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 from col 197
    The money laundering of £17.8 Million into the Conservative accounts for the 1992 Election Campaign through weapons dealer John Bredenkamps Tobacco company
    A Covert Financial deal to purchase 3 ex ARMSCOR Pelindaba, Pretoria, 200 Kt Plutonium Battlefield Bombs.
    Peter Lilley, Margaret Thatcher, Lord MacAlpine, Lord Levine, Sir Mark Thatcher, ASTRA’s MI6 Plant Stephan Kock a host of WONGA Hungry Tory Grandee’s, AL FAYED and KHASHOGGI.

    Of the original 10 manufactured by South African and Israeli Scientists at Pelindaba, 1 was Test detonated on 22 September 1979 of Prince Edward Island.

    When it was certain the Apartheid Government was to be dismantled and the Country handed over to the Communist ANC Black “Terrorists”
    The Western Governments of USA and UK insisted any Nuclear Weapons be removed.
    To RECCE a deal with the South African Intelligence and Military, struck up by non other than DAVID CAMERON who on orders from Margaret Thatcher went in 1989 on a ALL expenses (ARMSCOR) Sanction Busting trip to South Africa.

    The plan was this.

    The remaining 9 were placed in specialist cradles and loaded into 20 Foot ISO Containers and railed to Durban.
    6 of the weapons were to be shipped directly to the USA and dismantled, where the fissile material was to be removed and returned to the South Africans where they would later claim in a PR Exercise that the ANC Government was Dismantling their Nuclear WMD Programme.

    The 3 “CYLINDERS” DTI, UOR (Urgent Operational Requirement) Purchased by the UK Tory Grandee’s were “offloaded” in OMAN where they were to be kept in retaliation should Saddam us Chemicals against coalition forces in the Retake of KUWAIT
    (Gulf War 1)
    The whole Covert Operation went “Ballistic” when Kleptomaniac, Weapons, Conflict Diamonds and DRC Mineral SmugglerJohn Bredenkamp fooled all the OXFORD Educated Numpty’s.
    He stole the very Nukes he Sold them, from their poorly secured storage and smuggled them out of OMAN.

    Now, the problem for the Silver Spooned SMARTIES who were ALL rubbing their little greasy mits, was that BREDENKAMP sold at least one of the 200 Kt Nukes on the Open Market and NORTH KOREA Detonated it on 25 th MAY 2009.

    There was another more urgent problem, prior to North Korea situation, how to cover-up this massive Nuclear Weapons Purchase and Theft and the Huge PAPER-WORK Trail.
    and ensure non of this was made PUBLIC.

    (1) Well, they did an excellent job when they “SILENCED” the Nuclear Scientist who was entrusted with overseeing the Operation of, Payment, Loading, Transporting, and sign off “IN ORDER” arrival in OMAN and within safe limits Core Temperature of the Weapons.

    His name:


    Prove it: EASY. Start HERE
    HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 from Col 197

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  34. The Palestine Telegraph retracts allegations that David Cameron The Prime Minister together with Peter Lilley MP and Tara Davison sold 6 Nuclear Weapons and laundered $1,3 billion dollars.
    Peter Eyre and Gordon Bowden both from Derby England with, according to them, the help of the Derby Fraud Squad wrote a series of articles in the Palestine Telegraph called Pandora’s Box.
    Lauren Booth, the sister of Cheri Blair wife of Tony BlairTony Blair, who was the Patron of the Palestine Telegraph at the time when the articles were published resigned in disgust.
    The Palestine Telegraph have now printed a retraction on the front page entitled Pandora’s Box Series a Disjointed Jumble of Nefarious Allegations. This is the link’S-BOX-SERIES-A-DISJOINTED-JUMBLE-OF-NEFARIOUS-ALLEGATIONS.html
    Meanwhile 30 MOD police search for insider who leaked a private letter from Liam Fox Defence Secretary to David Cameron, which appeared in the other Telegraph today

    • Re your The Palestine Telegraph retracts allegations that David Cameron The Prime Minister together with Peter Lilley MP and Tara Davison sold 6 Nuclear Weapons and laundered $1,3 billion dollars.
      Peter Eyre and Gordon Bowden both from Derby England with, according to them, the help of the Derby Fraud Squad wrote a series of articles in the Palestine

      Just to put the record straight Mr Booth (Are you in someway related to Lauren?)……There was no retraction and if there was it was not written by the Palestine Telegraph. According to whatever was written (and soon removed) it was written by none other than Ms Davison herself….don’t you think its ironic for a so called retraction being written by yourself?

      The author in actual fact shot herself in the foot by what she quoted….where did she get her information from, could it have been inside information whilse she worked with Mr Peter Lilley MP her long lost Brother in Law!!

      And what was that about myself and Gordon having assistance from the Derby Fraud Squad?…..absolute and utter verbal diarrhea


    Your a liar.
    and a relative of LAUREN BOOTH.
    Sister-in-Law of ex PM Tony Blair.

    The FACTS ARE:

    The Palestine Telegraph did not publish a retraction.
    This was a Letter written by
    If you or anyone checks.

    All the Pandora’s Box series are still listed. on the PALESTINE TELEGRAPH.
    Including number 4 that gives the Company affiliations to MANCHESTER HOUSE, PORT DINORWIC, BANGOR ,GWYNEDD which is a FRONT address a.k.a. 32 BANGOR STREET, PORT DINORWIC used for the MAIL BOX DROPS of companies linked to International Fraud Companies for which 13 Derby Male Police raided under a Court Proceeds of Crime Order, Ms TARA ANDREA BIGGS-DAVISON’s Flat, which was the SAME ADDRESS used as a front for her Business AFBIO, Virtual Businesses, Offices, Post Box Drops and Banking Services

    TARA ANDREA BIGGS-DAVISONS was the ex wife of MP Peter Lilley’s Brother at the Time that Peter Lilley was head of the DTI and who in 1991 signed the UOR for “3 CYLINDERS” actually 3 PELINDABA, PRETORIA BATTLEFIELD NUCLEAR BOMBS. subsequently stolen by “Kleptomaniac” Weapons Dealer John Bredenkamp from their storage in OMAN after hostilities had concluded in GULF WAR 1.

    Bredenkamp went on and sold One of the Nukes to North Korea who detonated it on 25 May 2009.

    The deal to move the 9 remaining Nukes arranged in 1989 by a Sanctions Busting Visit by DAVID CAMERON, KEN WARREN and a delegation fully funded and paid by a front Company of ARMSCOR.

    The Covert Criminal Nuke Operation Ordered to be overseen and under the Watch of ASSASSINATED Dr David Kelly.

    TARA ANDREA BIGGS-DAVISON has threatened me with LIBEL and SLANDER COURT ACTION dated 16 SEPTEMBER 2010.

    I’m still waiting PETER BOOTH, and Her mouth PIECE, LAUREN BOOTH has not even posted ONE WORD in TARA’S DEFENCE for her Dramatic 13 January 2010 CRIMINAL ARREST STORY or her Police “STOLEN” 7000 ARMS to IRAQ SECRET Documents, 4 LAPTOPS, 2 DESTTOP Computers, Portable Hard Drives , 6 Mobiles, Gold, MASONIC GOLD JEWELS, MINING COMPANY SHARE CERTS, in her Major Editorial Publication THE DAILY MAIL.


    I’ll tell you WHY.

    THE TORIES AND 3 STOLEN Conservative Nuclear Battlefield Bombs and the TRUTH on WHY they assassinated DR DAVID KELLY.
    and those involved facing LIFE IN PRISON

    HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 from Column 197
    and the Criminal Fraud to overcharge the Treasury to enable Bredenkamp to Launder into the EMPTY Tory accounts £17.8 Million to 1992 General Election.

    and That PETER BOOTH is WHY your all crapping yourselves.

  36. Recently Tara Andrea Davison was libeled in the Palestine Telegraph Today I am publishing the retraction which is printed on the front page of the Palestine Telegraph. Lauren Booth who was a Patron of the Plaestine Telegraph at the time resigned because of the lies they told.

    You can read the retraction by following this link’S-BOX-SERIES-A-DISJOINTED-JUMBLE-OF-NEFARIOUS-ALLEGATIONS.html

    A big thank you to everyone who has supported me.
    Post Script: Some one in The Palestine Telegraph has just added my name as the writer to the retraction which makes it look like a reply . I have asked them to remove my name as the writer. As this is quite wrong and dilutes the retraction

  37. It is NOT a retraction.
    It is a REPLY.
    PANDORA’S BOX part 4 is STILL in the Palestine Telegraph Archive
    along with all the BUSINESS Addresses of the Companies affiliated to INTERNATIONAL FRAUDS.
    The Companies Registered address are linked to the Administrators of the FRAUD companies:
    LL56 4JD.

    Which is the SAME address as:
    LL56 4JD

    and the articles in Allvoices by DAYSTAR

    So, TRY “Clicking” your http://www.paltelegraph Link.

    What a bunch of Conservative tealeaf “Mullets”

  38. I think other web site proprietors should take this website as an model, very clean and magnificent user friendly style and design, as well as the content. You’re an expert in this topic!

    • Thank you for the compliment!

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  40. Reblogged this on Nick Ward Scenarios and commented:

    second reblog of the day: I’ve made some additons to this Oct 2009 blog following the uproar following the heartless assassination of the US Ambassador to Libya.

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