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‘Tao Reading 4’ – for Wen Jiabao

‘Tao reading 4′ – for the Shakespeare-loving Chinese Premier and Stratfordian, Wen Jiabao, currently visiting Merry Olde England and not, of course, mentioning Tibet and the cruel imprisonment of the many hundreds of free-thinking spirits (humans) locked away in filthy Chinese jails for expressing the kinds of freedom which are the pure filament of the Shakespeare Principle.

What kind of clown is he? Inhuman?

‘Tao Reading 4’  by Nick Ward, 2011 – A4 paper and tracing paper –  acrylic, water-colour, glitter, charcoal (below). A tribute to Chao-Hsiu Chen’s 81 Tao Te Ching cards inspired by timeless Chinese sage Lao Tzu (Connections Book Publishing). Has Wen Jiabao read Lao Tzu?

The Present. Card 8: ‘To be like water’. Water will always reach the lowest places where no one chooses to be.  Water can be hard – water can be soft. Same water. Deeper – keep it clean, China.

The Past. Card 55: ‘To cherish virtue’. Like a newborn baby. (Painting ‘Transition’  Nick Ward, 2011 – A4 paper and tracing paper, glue, water-colour, acrylic, glitter.)

The Future. Card 10: ‘Mysterious virtue’. To concentrate the energy of life in the governance of the state and keep it supple like a newborn child is as challenging to the great leader as it is to supervise others to the benefit of all without exercising the weapons of  control. This is what is known as mysterious virtue. (edited for spelling mistakes on 13/3/2012)

The Possibility. Card 56. ‘To value the Tao’. To blend with the life force (light): to become one with the dust. (Painting ‘Life itself’ by Nick Ward, 2010, melted wax, acrylic)

…on Sunday… Banjo Nick takes a break from busking thanks to the bells of  Great St Mary’s, the University Church in Cambridge. Come back John Osborne all is forgiven.

London’s Royal Court Theatre, 1956. The opening of John Osborne’s groundbreaking (or at least, influencial) play which begins with the mysogenist anti-hero, Jimmy Porter, railing against the intrusive sound of Sunday bells as he tries to read the paper, lounge around and abuse his passive (submissive) woman. His wife.

Tibet, 1956. A rare photo of  The Panchen Lama, current re-birth imprisoned by the brutal regime of Wen Jiabao. We are led to believe. Has arms-trading Prime Minister Cameron heard of the Panchen Lama?  Or is he too busy discussing the equally vicious ways in which his regime generates and perpetuates oil-wars in the Middle East in the name of ‘liberal democracy’ as defined by Foreign Secretary Hague in his archly rhetorical Mansion House address last week – in which he efficiently subverted (should that be ‘inverted’?) the deeply thinking American philosopher of peace Noam Chomsky, by claiming the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘spring’ is a more defining C21st event than the downing of the Twin Towers in New York. Then he quotes Nelson. What a load of bollocks! I’m not saying the arms-traders running this country are not clever. I take them very seriously… and let’s face it, China is running away with the manufacture of the green technolgies which, alone, hold any hope for a future… any kind of future. Heavy!

I found it hard to believe that John Humphrys, of the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs Today Programme went all the way to China for his compelling China and human rights report without once mentioning Tibet. Very strange! That’s how deeply we, as an increasingly illiberal arms-trading ‘democracy’  fear this brutal and overwhelmingly powerful regime:  Read More

29/6/2011 : added: ‘Same water. Deeper – keep it clean, China’; ‘We are led to believe.’

Minor corrections to this posting on 28/6/2011, Cambridge City Library; and added…

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