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showdown or sundown?

Two July 18th: paintings yesterday: ‘Hank’ on 2xA4 copier paper, kitchen roll, tracing paper – black pastel, water-colour, acrylic and glitter.

…and ‘Maban Man 2011′ – A4 copier paper, kitchen roll – acrylic, water-colour, glitter.

…as I listened to the news unfold on BBC Radio 4, etc. Tomorrow’s Murdoch(s) Parliamentary interrogation committee should, in my opinion, bar Rebekah Brooks from attending on the grounds that she is now a corrupt Met Police Force protectee and if she cannot be barred from attending she should be totally ignored and all the questions should be aimed at the Murdochs. I quite like Boris and admire his swift actions against Met Police Chief Stevenson and his corrupt(ed) side-kick John Yates. Resignation should mean immediate resignation however. That’s what resignation means, Mr Cameron. However I despise ‘hacked-off’ Boris for continuing to press for Boris Island Airport – but that’s another issue! I hope that Caroline Lucas will be at the grilling of the Murdochs… now (11.10am) what is a Maban Man? In a nutshell an Australian Aboriginal wildman with powers of divination, spirit king channelling and, of course, healing. Maben Men often have one eye removed with the sharp end of a spear to increase their inner-vision and are feared and cherished cross-continentally. I got to know a couple on my travels down under.

Delighted to hear that Obama has finally stood up to China and insisted that the priceless spiritual richness of Tibetan Buddhism (and its Bon magical antecedants) be protected against further Chinese destruction.

Buddhist self-destruction: the tragedy of Tibet « Nick Ward Scenarios

Very disappointed, however, that John Humphreys and Sarah Montague failed to include this highly significant news clip in this morning’s BBC Radio 4 Today Programme which I listened to as I worked up a slide-blues instrumental and pondered the various political animals interviewed thereon.

The Murdoch lawyers are laughing all the way to the bank as they stall and stumble and corrupt. I curse them.

Nick Ward interviewed by Lindy Timm of The Australian Times (July 14th 2009)

• Fans of your work are looking forward to the revival of your
pieces. Is it satisfying when your work and contributions to theatre
are remembered?
Yes. It is great to be remembered. I understand certain things
about female fans of The Present. They are often erotically
advanced, intelligent mavericks struggling to find personal
expression hand in hand with Rupertland. When Rupert shifts my male and female fans are ready to shift big time. My fans cut into the cultural elite. I fascinate the gays, the jews, the female
management power-brokers, the high finance dudes… and they
fascinate me. Without this mutual fascination everything would be
dumbed down to the level of ‘real’ war-games and peep-shows. You end up with Seneca, the snuff-playwright, who marks the decadent tipping-point of Rome.

with a welcome on-line re-print on 6th June 2011. Yes, many have benefitted from the Murdoch Empire. Period.

Back to The Present

6 Jun 2011 – Lindy Timm chats to Nick Ward about his much awaited return to the theatre circuit. The Present has been warmly received by audiences and

added 20th July 2011

Open Letter to Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge, published on Nick Ward Scenarios

Dear Julian,

Client Confidentiality v. Freedom of Information

Briefly. I was impressed by your performance yesterday on the CNN live feed– and how restrained you were not to bring up the dangerous practice of kettling given the brave stand you took against this anti-mobility practice enacted by resigned Met Police Chief Stevenson during the recent demonstrations in London against the Coalition’s short-sighted cuts to Higher Education(which are causing profound distress to my friends and long-sighted sparring partners amonst the Senior Fellowship at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, I am given to understand).

So Master of War Rupert Muroch refuses to take responsibilty for the phone-hacking of murder victims like Millie Dowler, dead soldiers, celebrities, etc. This is his downfall. I am also impressed by the hugely significant (and massively depressing) Harbottle and Lewis statement reported on BBC R4 this morning regarding the phone-hacking docs held by them on ‘client confidentially’ grounds. I am an artist-dramatist, not a lawyer, I am pleased to say, with a valued professional connection to this firm in their capacity as legal representatives of the Peggy Ramsay Foundation – and I am wondering if you might be able, as my MP, to force Harbottle and Lewis to bring these documents into the public domain via the Freedom of Information Act.

Obviously this would be a lot easier for you if the political landscape were to be re-modelled along the lines proposed by Caroline Lucas in her triumphant appearance at the Glastonbury Festival 2011 – ie a Green, Labour, Lib Dem Coalition. Ed Miliband did not vote for the illegal invasion of Iraq, let’s not forget.

Nick Clegg is right to be speaking up for the Euro-zone…China has made it absolutely clear that Britain will be plunged into a very great Depression if we do not.

The Lib Dems should break away from the arms-trading Tories asap. Just think of the British-sold weapons now in the hands of children in the FAMINE-torn Horn of Africa if it helps… or the British-sold weapons in the hands of the Taliban infiltrators in Afghanistan.

Yes, Rupert, Keith Murdoch was a great journalist and a great Australian – he must be turning in his grave.

Warm regards,

Nick Ward

(ed) added 25th July 2011


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