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I’ve been painting spirals and dreaming



spirals painted by Nick Ward on A4 card (acrylic)

and I’m writing a play called Lily which is set around 1981-82 in an empty space with a projection screen. Banjo Nick has been busy busking and playing at the Portland Folk Club Cambridge Portland Arms. I’ll be performing a 2×20 minute set on November 6th in great company – and for some reason I’ve been having vivid dreams. Last night I was in the company of Keef and Mick Jagger – can’t rememeber the details – but it was a hell of a trip with Keef and Mick falling out…

I tried to come between them with my banjo. Then it became a wild goose chase through Dartford swamps.

young Keef and Mick territory

When I finally woke up and switched on BBC R4 and there was condescending war-profiteer Tony Blair giving us his pro-Israeli opinion about the Palestinian very deeply felt desire to join the UN. I switched the radio off and listened to a George Jones compilation to cheer me up as I laid a new carpet and did a spot of gardening.

Here’s Sir Mick Jagger’s view of  Tony Blair way back in November 20 2005

 “It makes me angry that Blair already knew that arms of mass destruction were simply an excuse … In Iraq, you have three irreconcilable groups – the Shiites, the Sunnies and the Kurds. Either you establish a very well thought-out system of confederation, or something will break. Only now is the United States discovering the reality of Iraq.”

‘KEEF 2010′ (water-colour by Nick; pic bySylvie)

Or ‘Keith Richards in the Other Place’.

is telepathy faster than the speed of light?

We love you, America

Ry Cooder | Nonesuch Records

Ry Cooder was the guest on the BBC World Service arts program The Strand, discussing his new album, Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down.
By the way, as regular Nick Ward Scenarios viewers will know, I’m a big Keith Richards fan:


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