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Banjo Nick backing up Pirate Jack (3rd session)

updated 16th Novemeber

Richard ‘Maestro’ Heacock is everything a great session musician should be – and more.

Thanks a million for dropping by, Dickie, for two hours exactly and laying down 4 fiddle tracks sight unseen, as you say, yes, indeed, we were in a rush between 1984 and 1988 (from the Corpus Playroom, Cambridge, to the National Theatre). Did we change things ref music-theatre? Who are we to say? Regarding yesterday: ‘Tom Waits meets Arnold Schoenberg’ – to put it lightly, Maestro! Marton will have a rough mix on-line asap – click on reverbnation link below – anticipation is a kick.

1984 – remembered

Here I am in 1987 at the National Theatre Studio (photographed for Harpers and Queen), working on Apart from George – a theatre piece which was graced by Richard Heacock’s haunting violin score and delay-sample effects – at once derived of ‘character’ and ‘landscape’. The landscape? – The East Anglian Fens – and the inner theatre-language landscape we always seemed to share so effortlessly, Maestro – and, yes, I was better looking  in 1984.

25th October – photos by Cambridge-based sound engineer Marton Gaspardy; we laid down two tracks both penned and sung by Pirate Jack – ‘Johnny Cash Inside of Me’ and ‘I wish I was in Texas Tonight’.

8th November – added two tracks ‘The Blues in Our Eyes’ and ‘Song for Michael Collins’ – (Banjo Nick finally getting in touch with his Irish forbears on his mother’s side).

Have a listen via Pirate Jack’s site:


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