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Lahiri Mayasaya (yoga in mind)

‘Lahiri ‘M’ Mayasaya’ traced!

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He lives in a castle by Old Father Thames

And brings us sad tales of the downfall of kings

And if we feel downcast he sings us a song

About a world without sorrow and a world without wrong

1. Happy to Fly (2005)

imagesMarathon Sculling Log 2

Shyama Charan Lahiri (Bengali: Shêmā Chôron Lahiṛi), (September 30, 1828 – September 26, 1895)

This is the only photograph of Lahiri Mayasaya. If you look very carefully you can find the great yogi (hidden away) on Peter Blake’s famous cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

search term: beatles sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club

Lahiri Mayasaya’s chief devotee, Swami Sri Yuteswar  is also on the album cover and much easier to spot (top left).

Sri Yukteshwar Giri (also spelled Sriyukteshwar Giri and Sriyukteshvar Giri)

10 May 1855 – 9 March 1936

2. Lahiri Mayasaya

domestic monad

‘Domestic Monad’ (2008) – I sent a print of this painting to my former agent Judy Daish in Spring of 2009 – it is based on a design by John Dee. Her colours – if I remember rightly.


A lamrim teaching comes to mind. I was given this on CD by Geshe Thubten Tenzin (the Dalai Lama’s blood brother) in Darwin, Australia, in late 2004. The recording was made by an extraordinary American former diamond-trading Geshe, Michael Roach, and I’m repeating it here from memory having listening twice in early 2005, with Miri.


Lamrim is the Tibetan name for Atisha’s Stages in the Path as defined by Je Tsongkhapa. Atisha (984 – 1054) is credited with taking Buddhism to Tibet from India

3. Heart to Heart (lamrim)

Anne Boleyn is on the way – emerging from the shadows of my mind – fed by what I intuit and by what I surmise to be ‘historically’ accurate.

Mesmerising in body and mind, cultured and vivid. The essence of good pageantry is in the combination of competitive events and the ‘focussing’ of the famous personages

4. Tamesis

tantric rasta

Tantric Rasta (2009) by Nick Ward, photo, Kirsten Lavers

The words beneath the painting:

Tantric chat-up

Jester: What are your likes and dislikes?

nice arse

What do you look like?

In the autumn of 2008 I started doing ‘coffee’ paintings: I’d pour the dregs of the Arabian gound coffee and paint into and around the result, often in semi-darkness. That was how ‘Election Day’ came about.  Intention sublimated by process, if you like.


5. Tantric Rasta


Tigris River suffering massive environmental damage

Added 26th September 2011

Tony Blair in the John Humphrys (well-judged) interview for the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 refuses to distance himself from sure knowledge of the systematic use of M16-complicit torture; Humphrys kept the door open to the Tony Blair war-crimes trial of which this interview felt like an open rehearsal.

He articulated with brilliance the view that Blair’s responsibility for acts of war of mindblowing massive-shock brutality will not go away – and the consequences of that in the violent terms of islamist retribution is an outcome, at all times, to consider.

That is why those of us who campaigned against the illegal invasion of Iraq are keeping unelected US Middle-East ‘envoy’ Tony Blair firmly within our sights.

What are the details concerning the 70 missions he boasts of since being thrown from office on the Iraq backlash? Have minutes been kept? If no minutes have been kept why have no minutes been kept?

What has war-maker (and war-profiteer) Blair achieved in this dubious role? Hats off to John Humprhys and BBC R4 Today Programme colleagues – the beeb very nearly fell for it, Melvyn.

6. Blair Watch and why I like the Prince of Wales

9th May 2011

  • strategy

7. howling at the moon 3

Nick Ward Plays 1 is available from these sellers and on-line via…/20th_century_drama.pd

Added 29th March 2011:

B.K.S Iyengar: Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

P.39 Five types of Yoga.

Kaivalya pada opens with the contention that prodigious yogic powers
may be inborn, acquired by merit, accumulated through pracice in former
lives. They may also be attained through use of herbs (ausadhi),
incantation (mantra), devoted disipline (tapas), mediation (dhyana)
and total absorption (samadhi).


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‘Music 2010′, painting by Nick Ward

‘Music 2010′ by Nick Ward (water-colour, acrylic, coca-cola, on A4 paper), photo by Kirsten Lavers.

For Denny Freeman: about half way down the right hand side of this painting dedicated to this consummate Austin Texas bluesman is a black splodge which overlaps the border

– when I first posted it the ‘finger’ was  pointing at the Denny Freeman as Arthur Miller link in the right hand column.


  • Denny Freeman as Arthur Miller (2008, detail, painted at the Wintercomfort drop-in centre for the homeless in Cambridge, by Nick Ward), photo by Kirsten Lavers.

More recently I’ve been adding to the Lahiri Mayasaya blog started August 31st 2010

‘Yoganada 2010′, painting by Nick Ward (miniature) – a gift to Sylvie Renault

On Prana (and pranayama) – 24th Jan 2011

There are several recurring faith-words in Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, words like ‘love’, ‘master’, ‘God’ – problematic words to non-believers (or to philosophical as opposed to religious Buddhists, like myself) yet the book remains universal in its appeal for world peace. There are also deep tensions at work in Autobiography of a Yogi – inevitable in a work which extends back in time to the young Yoganada’s struggles to give himself over to the guru-yoga required of him on his journey to enlightenment by his fiercly loving master, Sri Yuteswar – including his battle to ‘overcome’ his natural homosexuality (and write about it, after a fashion) and to accommodate (later) the prevalent herd-instinct Christianity of what would become his American support base – a congregation divided and totally unprepared for the wilder aspects of the Hindu-Vedic ritual practice which are a vital part of Yoganada’s (largely concealed) Indo-European spiritual heritage.

Buddhism and Christianity have in common the banning of the killing enshrined in their respective ancient texts and rituals. ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is a very recent commandment in the great course of the countless cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution which the earth and its various forms of sentient life and human consciousness have undergone – quite clearly – we have the evidence in the ruins and in what remains of the ‘art’, trans-continentally. With these time scales in mind, the concept of land ownership by lines drawn on maps is very recent indeed – and can, in most cases, I suspect, be brought down to squabbles between brothers, and less often, sisters, it seems

8. Nick Ward Plays 1


Nick Ward Plays 1 (Faber 1995) contains Apart from George (1987), The Present (1995), The Strangeness of Others (1988), Trouble Sleeping (1989); and an author’s introduction.


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