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Hats off to David Hockney

‘big new painting part 2’ by Nick Ward, 2012 (6xA4 card, acrylic and instant coffee)

One of my BBC Radio 4 highlights over the xmas-new year hiatus was the wonderfully illuminating programme on David Hockney (currently painting some huge new paintings).

David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture’ will span a 50 year period to The
exhibition will include a display of his iPad drawings and a series of new films

It would take me more time than I have this morning to write about the impact every phase of this extraordinary artist has had on me over the years.

So for now I’m thinking of Hockney remembering one of his first major exhibitions in London, early 60s. His Mum was there and asked if the ‘coil of rope’ (an exhibit ‘positioned’ by a conceptualist) had been made by the artist.


The only authorized David Hockney website.
 Daily Mail – 2 hours ago
By Adam Sherwin
Hockney paints his own paintings.
There’s magic in that, Mr Hirst.

Nick Ward Scenarios Top Posts (the past week):

4th August 2010. In the middle of the night I found myself reading Noam Chomsky’s ‘Hegemony or Survival’ (America’s Quest for Global Dominance), in the Penguin edition published in 2004. On page 128 of Chapter 5 he writes about ‘studied lack of interest’ in US Foreign Policy. ‘Studied lack of interest’ is the likely consequence for the population of the country to be invaded. Chomsky writes that ‘five days after 9/11 Washington demanded that Pakistan eliminate ‘truck convoys that provide much of the food and other supplies to Afghanistan’s civilian population.’ and caused the withdrawal of aid workers along with severe reduction in food supplies, thereby leaving ‘millions of Afghans…at grave risk of starvation’ – risking what should properly have been termed ‘silent genocide’. Estimates of the numbers ‘at grave risk of starvation’ rose from 5 million before 9/11 to 7.5 million a month later. The threat and then reality of bombing elicited sharp protests from aid organisations and warnings of what might ensue, which received only scattered and very partial attention, and little reaction.’

Chomsky latest: ‘The Iranian Threat’.

From Wikipedia on ‘The Partition of India’:

The border between India and Pakistan was determined by a British Government-commissioned report usually referred to as the Radcliffe Line after the London lawyer, Sir Cyril Radcliffe, who wrote it. Pakistan came into being with two non-contiguous enclaves, East Pakistan (today Bangladesh) and West Pakistan, separated geographically by India. India was formed out of the majority Hindu regions of the colony, and Pakistan from the majority Muslim areas.

British Colonial Divide and Rule on a massive scale with zero consideration for ancient ties people feel for the land to which their ancestors were born – borders imposed from’above’ do not in  long-term  hold (how long do they hold? – ah, that’s the question), as with all borders created on maps in contradiction to natural tribal dividers like rivers and mountains. My maveric Aussie uncle Bill Bechervaise pointed that out to me when we were building a sailing boat togther in 1980. He called it ‘Invasion Theory’ – the book he was going to write when he found the time!

”The Knock-Out’ (2010), work in progress by Nick Ward

‘The knock-out’, work in progress, painting by Nick Ward (2010)

‘Summer 2010′ and ‘Chomsky’s Grief’

Tantric Rasta

becoming the fool and ‘Thames future’

Happy to Fly (2005)

Lahiri Mayasaya

For John Humphrys and Barrie Humphreys (and hats off to Colin Firth!)

Keef’s musical workshop – pt 2

‘Stones’, painting by Nick Ward (2011, 4xA4 card, water-colour, acrylic, urine, the co-operative mouthwash: freshmint, glitter, pastel)

I started ‘Stones’ during Brian Matthews’ weekly ‘Sounds of the Sixties’ BBC Radio 2 show on Saturday 8th January and finished it in the early hours of Monday 10th today!), in a Jackson Pollock-style frenzy with the black paint to the sounds of Bob Dylan’s Tell Tale Signs CD 2 (2008 – The Bootleg Series Vol. 8) and a in a state of absolute calm for the red, green, yellow and blue ‘egg’-centres – thinking of Tibetan prayer flags – having fallen asleep on a dose of ‘worldly concentration’ meditation (Tibetan: bsam gtan lezhi) enabling visualistion of the four levels of meditative absorbtion, the fruit of which – according to The Words of My Perfect Teacher (kunzang lama’I sheling) by Patrul Rinpoche (kindly on loan to me from High Lama Ato Rinpoche and his Cambridge-based Nezang meditation and study group –

you’ll get it back one of these days, guys!) – ‘the fruit of which is to be reborn in four kinds of god realm in the World of Form’. If you believe in that kind of thing.

I’m a regular listener to veteran BBC DJ  Brian Matthew’s 60s show. Like a lot of people I’m intrigued by the decade I was born into (2.1.62) but have only fragmentary memories of.


Bashō‘s “old pond”:

old pond
frog  jumps


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