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poetic justice – a happening


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An Open Letter to Stuart Laing, Master, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Dear Stuart,

As you will no doubt be aware the famous Cambridge ‘Bin-Man’ busker, Charlie Cavey, has been targetted by members of Corpus Christi College in an attack which included verbal abuse, the pouring of bleach and the discharging of a stink bomb.

Cambridge University students warned after throwing bleach at ‘bin-man’ busker…/Cambridge-University-students-warned-thro…
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I like to think that during Michael Tanner’s reign as Proctor (during my undergraduate days, 1981-1984) this unprovoked violence – the pouring of bleach on an unsuspecting musician hidden within a customised rubbish-bin is extremely dangerous – would have resulted in the offending students being sent down (expelled) with immediate effect, never to return to the University.

Charlie Cavey has an international reputation as a street-entertainer. What have Corpus undergraduates become?

Nick Ward AKA Banjo Nick

This banjo-mandolin was hand-delivered to Corpus Christi College via a lobbing action towards the centre of New Court on  Saturday 11th February 2012, at around 8.30 am – I am hoping it will be as well looked after as the Head Porter promises me it will. His suggestion is that it should be hung in the Junior Common Room, or failing that, in the bar. Personally I’d be happy just to know that College Senior Fellows agree with me that in the case of the busker-attacking undergraduates a ‘caution’ is not enough.

added Sunday 12th Feb 2012

If Corpus Christi College is protecting the attackers of Charlie Cavey against prosecution (I look forward to hearing both sides of  the story) does it mean they are liable for prosecution themselves under the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (December 1948), ‘a common standard of achievement for all peoples of all nations’, as Eleanor Roosevelt, Chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights, put it at that war-torn time.

What level of compensation is owed to Charlie Cavey by Corpus Christi College, if any?

Cambridge University colleges are famously a law unto themselves, or imfamously, in the cases of protection offered to far-right secret service torture-complicit operatives and arms-trading syndicates in recent years: a subject I have blogged about previously on Nick Ward Scenarios with regards to the enigmatic roles played by the likes of Official M15 Historian and Corpus Secret Services recruitment-officer, Professor Christopher Andrew;

and the sinister Sir Richard Dearlove, formerly Head of M16 and currently Master of Pembroke College and silent architect of the illegal invasion of Iraq, according to Tony Blair – or at least editor-contributor of the infamous Blair-delivered speech to Parliament which convinced a majority of our idiotic members of Parliament that Saddam had WMD (remember?) that could strike London in 45 minutes.

Can there be a liberal counterpart to these establishment extremists? In the ‘real’ world a case like this, the unprovoked, cowardly, physical attack on Charlie Cavey by members of Corpus Christi College would result in a trial (a tribunal) which would assess questions like: will Charlie Cavey continue to grace the streets of Cambridge with his unique, smile-inducing, foot-tapping, unamplified street entertainment – or has the Corpus Christi College-backed intimidation worked?

What assurance can Corpus Christi College offer Charlie Cavey that the attackers will not repeat-offend? Has Charlie’s confidence in performing in such an open-to-cowardly-attack way been dented? Has his artistic persona been impaired? Should Corpus Christi College make amends to Charlie Cavey or will this ancient centre of liberal humanism allow its reputation for ‘protection’ damage its academic standing more than it has already been damaged?

(photo Katrin Cartlidge)

These are the kinds of questions a Corpus dramatist might ask. I am not a lawyer but I am capable, I hope, of doing all that a good lawyer might do – and for a fraction of the cost!

1984 – remembered

To Stuart Laing, Master, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Note: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted as a General Assembly Resolution on December 10, 1948 – and, thus, is not binding to member states (as I am sure Sir Richard Dearlove is swift to point out as I write this on 13/2/2012 and conclude this spell-checked blog entry with UDHR 1948 Article 5, dedicated to the hope of enlightened future Masters of Pembroke College: The right to ‘Freedom from torture or degrading treatment’ – relevent, today, to Charlie Cavey v Corpus Christi College, Cambridge?

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