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Good news from the Thames Valley

The ‘Archimedes screw’ turbine is manoeuvred into place in the River Wandle, by Morden Hall Park, south London. Photograph: Frantzesco Kangaris for the Guardian.

Hydroelectric energy creation arrives in London – The Guardian

Queen goes green as Windsor Castle turns to hydroelectric

20 Dec 2011 – The massive £1.7 million hydroelectric project is expected to start generating electricity from the New Year, powering Windsor Castle as well as

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 Posted by: nickwardscenarios | October 21, 2009. Boris… Message for Boris Johnson regarding harnessing the tidal  Thames for energy…

Meanwhile on this morning’s BBC Radio 4 Today Programme Sarah Monatague was interviewing Foreign Secretary Hague who expressed discontent that Saudi Arabia is selling weapons to ‘opposition forces’ in Syria (and anywhere else that will buy them). What percentage of weapons sold by Saudi Arabia are acquired from UK arms traders?, is the follow-up question which was missing, in my view.

Also from the Guardian, Ann Feltham:

You report (17 May) that the minister for international development is pressing allies to sign up to an arms trade treaty. The UK government seems willing to advocate restraint from others, but unwilling to address its own practices. One of the world’s top arms suppliers, the UK already has guidelines similar to those envisaged in the arms trade treaty. Far from restricting military exports, the UK continues to arm human rights violators and sell into conflict zones. The UK’s biggest customer is Saudi Arabia, an authoritarian regime that is ranked 161 out of 167 on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index 2011. Gaddafi’s Libya was a priority market for the UK government’s arms sales unit, UK Trade and Investment’s Defence and Security Organisation, right up until February 2011.

An arms trade treaty will be worthwhile only if it stops arms sales, from the UK as well as elsewhere, to areas of conflict and to human rights violators, such as Saudi Arabia or Libya. If the government genuinely wants to “stop the devastation caused by the arms trade”, it needs to stop promoting military exports. Ann Feltham Parliamentary co-ordinator, Campaign Against Arms Trade

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Angus before a day out in Brighton


Blair Watch and why I like the Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales has every right to speak out on this subject, he has been a pioneering environmentalist for as many years as I can remember. That’s why I like him. He taught me to talk to plants:



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