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The Red Arrows make a heart above Hastings…

for Pirate Day – which I didn’t know was on until I stumbled into it…

an estimated 13,000 Keith Richards look-alikes (male and female, young and old) on the beach…

and Hastings is back in the Guiness Book of Records.

I bought the t-shirt, three-cornered my hat, strangled Angus for shitting on the shingle – and loved the Sex Pirates gig.

Sometimes you just never know what you’re getting into and its best just to go with the flow… note the home-made electric banjo – great sound!

‘perfect world’

sound-engineered by Marton Gaspardy

with violin by Richard Heacock

written by Pirate Jack (aka Jackson Roque)


Pirate Jack and Banjo Nick

pirate jack and banjo nick  Rank #1Cambridge, CAM, UKAmericana / Alt.Country / Blues

My Aunt Margaret wanted to take this fine piratical specimin home with us – but he got away.

Added 23/7/2012

The facts: ‘Firstly the world record for the highest number of pirates in one place was well and truly smashed yesterday, with Hastings’ figure of 14,231 beating Penzance’s previous figure of 8,740.

 This allowed Hastings to reclaim the title it previously held.’

I didn’t really strangle Angus.

Sunday 22nd July 2012 BRADLEY WIGGINS DAY.

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