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Banjo Nick heading to the Kentucky to Kent bluegrass festival

‘egg-yantra’ (2010) – water-colour and acrylic on 4x A4 card.

Appalachian Music in the Garden of England

a day festival on August Bank Holiday each year at St Julians Club, Sevenoaks,

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A dedication (to a Tibetan ‘lamrim’ practice designed to subdue your enemies)


Here goes. Imagine your ‘enemy’. Imagine you are in the same room facing each other. I am imagining  her sitting in a comfortable position with her legs crossed. She is sitting on a cushion which has been embroidered with white lilies with which she identifies.

She is looking straight into my eyes and she is concentrating all her energy in a vindictive way. The hatred begins to manifest physically. She feels a congealing around her heart – emanating from her heart – it becomes liquid-air – a ball of sticky black smoke.

‘Yes’ to Live Music

The BBC is far gone indeed. New York Times topper and ex Director General of the BBC, Mark Thompson, on the right.

Shame on you for your treatment of the most significant and serious gift to serious journalism since William Caxton. That’s WilkiLeaks.

Every BBC Today Programme news story of note in recent weeks has been underpinned by the work of WikiLeaks – whether credited or not. Any wonder the Murdoch machine is not best pleased?

And, yes, John, ancient yoga techniques enable the mind to instruct the body not to feel cold lying naked on a Himalyan mountain-side in sub-zero temperatures. There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your…

What is John Humphrys position on the suspension of Habeas Corpus?

What is his position on China’s activities in Tibet?

What use does he have for work of WikiLeaks?

For John Humphrys and Barrie Humphreys (and hats off to Colin Firth!)

As the Clown picks a tune, his style, troubadour

And when he has finished we beg him for more

Happy to Fly

As I write this on a borrowed Cambridge Housing Society laptop (Tuesday) Melvyn Bragg is being interviewed by BBC Radio 2 about his 25 South Bank Show ‘revisits’.

It’s hard not to love Bragg except his response to the suggestion that he should devote one of his many Radio Four post-Today Programme conversation slots to the ‘State of Israel’ (‘Not my subject’) lessens the enormous respect I have for this great advocate and historian of art and shamanism.

Why, Melvyn, are you unprepared to discuss Israel? It is a subject on the mind of every peace-loving freethinker on the planet.  Are you really able to detach yourself from the great issue of the times?

What has BBC Radio Four become and where is it heading?

Break-through in Willesdon Green (For Ken)

1984 – remembered

To Stuart Laing, Master, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge


City has its freedom, City has its vice

Men in suits at the peepshow, like a mob of horny mice

Me, I love the river


A place to play and Hank Williams tribute…

Louis became my friend over many months in 2007 when I’d earn my money coaching from a sculling boat in the early mornings and head up to The Inn on the Green to jam and write songs and improve.

Tantric Rasta

Memory is a strange business.

My favourite Bob Dylan portrait is by Feliks Topolski… that man could draw!

I recommend this yoga site for convincing explanations of why mantra-mediation generates power and endurance: and, above all, become the peace of mind of an emmanating Buddha… or just win that Gold medal first and become an emmanating Buddha later to put it in language even the young fellow-dyslexic Steve Redgrave might have responded to!

search term: guru dragpo

Nick Ward Scenarios Top Posts (the past week)

pull the other one, anna chapman (Kushchenko) 4,338 views (not bad, Anna x)

pull the other one, anna chapman (Kushchenko) part 2

‘Kali’ (2010, water-colour, ink, acrylic on 4xA4 card), by Nick Ward

The Goddess Kali is something else! In Indian transcendental-ritual practice she represents some pretty shattering metaphysical concepts like 1. Creation 2. Preservation 3. Dissolution. My personal tantric practice is heavily into ‘ritual’ activity – this painting is a good example. I finished it this morning to the ironic and laid-back sounds of Alex Lester’s 2am – 5am BBC Radio 2 slot having woken from a full-on dream of my mother (who died in 2005) – suffice to say, in the dream she was very much alive and in the course of the dream died in a rowing boat in a rough sea. Alone. The black parts of the painting are my own hand-prints. I’ll come back to Kali.

a fiction, a dream of passion

The infastructure is in place, Mr Shepard.


We’ll also be making great movies in the tried and trusted way with huge stars who see the back-end sense in what I’m proposing.


They’ll be getting the best scripts for one thing.

If I was in charge of MGM

John Dee, originator of ‘Director’s Theatre’?

becoming the fool and ‘Thames future’

search term: yogananda

Terror met by Art is your natural instinct, I believe: judging by the quality of your autobiographical writing and your spirit which inspires the artists and spiritual peace-loving men and women of the world regardless of race or creed.


Tony Blair in John Humphrys well-judged interview for the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 refuses to distance himself from sure knowledge of the systematic use of M16-complicit torture; Humphrys kept the door open to the Tony Blair war-crimes trial of which this interview felt like an open rehearsal.

He articulated with brilliance the view that Blair’s responsibility for acts of war of mindblowing massive-shock brutality will not go away – and the consequences of that in the violent terms of islamist retribution is an outcome, at all times, to consider.

That is why those of us who campaigned against the illegal invasion of Iraq are keeping unelected US Middle-East ‘Peace Envoy’ Tony Blair firmly within our sights. What are the details concerning the 70 missions he boasts of since being thrown from office on the Iraq backlash? Have minutes been kept? If no minutes have been kept why have no minutes been kept? What has war-maker (and war-profiteer) Blair achieved in this dubious role? Hats off to John Humprhys and BBC R4 Today Programme colleagues – the beeb very nearly fell for it, Melvyn.

What are the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, John Humphrys?

the language of peace

and two days ago as I followed the Thames, a message for Lib Dem MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert:

pleased to finally find the time to sit down with the admirable anti-war protesters opposite Houses of Parliament. ‘There is money in war’ the old Lebanese lady informed me as she berated the vested interests of the occupants of the buildings opposite. She is also full of laughter as she tells why she believes 9/11 was an ‘inside job’. Israel is a rogue state in her opinion.

…the mother of all parliaments? Life is made very easy for MPs what with expenses and subsidised drinks and meals – not to mention the hoards of Parliamentary ‘special advisers’ paid to the hilt by corporate interests. No wonder MPs advocating Parliamentary reform are so hard to come by. My Lebanese friend would like to see the Houses of Parliament put to better use as emergency housing for the sharply increasing numbers of London homeless. Not sure I’d go that far, Julian (Huppert, Cambridge) – but something needs to be done.

corrected Tuesday 28/08/2012

added here 30/8/2012

Tutu snubs Tony Blair over Iraq – BBC

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2 days ago – Archbishop Desmond Tutu refuses to share a platform with Tony Blair, saying his support for the Iraq war was “morally indefensible”.

the house of John Dee, Mortlake


  1. […] Banjo Nick heading to the Kentucky to Kent bluegrass festival […]

  2. […] Banjo Nick heading to the Kentucky to Kent bluegrass festival […]

  3. […] Banjo Nick heading to the Kentucky to Kent bluegrass festival […]

  4. […] Banjo Nick heading to the Kentucky to Kent bluegrass festival […]

  5. […] Banjo Nick heading to the Kentucky to Kent bluegrass festival […]


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