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the way

Regent’s Canal campsite on the way to Kent by way of the Isle of Dogs…

highlights of the Kentucky to Kent bluegrass festival

…the saw-player

…thanks for the tips, Max

Puppet Master by Max Middleton, 2000

oil on canvas 125 cm x 125 cm

added Friday 31/08/2012:

I’ve been spending a couple of happy hours adding more pictures to, and annotating, this fascinating interview with Lama Ole Nydahl which already has a much appreciated ‘like this’ tick from Diamond Way Buddhists in Greece: Lama Ole on ‘Wild Wisdom’ (The tantric path)


Beginning 30th August, time 20.00 o clock.

Drukpa Kunley: magician of many ages

‘For Geshe Thubten Tenzin, International Buddhist Centre, Darwin Australia’ (2011 – 12xA4 card -acrylic, water-colour). The banjo emerged in the process of painting. The spirit of Drukpa Kunley working some old Bon-Tibetan magic perhaps! A speculation which pleases me – and that’s more than enough for a dramatist.

extract 1:

What is the ‘crazy’ wisdom and what is its place in Buddhism?

Lama Ole: What became known as “Crazy Wisdom” in America during the seventies appeared in the static and highly bourgeois societies of Asia. Here, spiritual teachers sometimes sought methods to shock their students out of their fixed cultural and psychological patterns and to force them to face unusual situations.
This could be very effective when the bond between teacher and student held and the background was supportive. In Tibetan Buddhism, great accomplishers like Drukpa Kunley and other Lamas brought their students into situations which dissolved their habitual worlds and opened up new aspects of their in-born potential. Very often the vehicle meant breaking the many physical taboos in Asian cultures

Fukishima pattern recognition « Nick Ward Scenarios

…and ‘Tectonic Plates’ – on 4xpurple A4 paper with water-colour and acrylic

In 1972, Bob Dylan wrote a letter to the INS defending Lennon, stating:

John and Yoko add a great voice and drive to the country’s so-called art institution. They inspire and transcend and stimulate and by doing so, only help others to see pure light and in doing that, put an end to this dull taste of petty commercialism which is being passed off as Artist Art by the overpowering mass media. Hurray for John and Yoko. Let them stay and live here and breathe. The country’s got plenty of room and space. Let John and Yoko stay!

thought for the day:

In the long term nuclear power is uninsurable. Discuss.

Lama Ole: They indeed have many taboos, and sometimes by forcing their students to strip, behave foolishly in public or get into wild situations, teachers of so-called crazy wisdom could actually give some people a test of their essential freedom.

Lama Ole: The shock of being in a new situation where they couldn’t rely on their traditions was intense, and having to trust human values like friendship and confidence in the group or ultimately space itself was character-forming. But there were also cases where it went completely wrong because concepts outran compassion and insight.

This hole to look at the sky through is near the Thames Barrier and brought Yoko Ono to mind as I rode the Thames Path last week.

Lama Ole Nydahl – Official Homepage

extract 2:

Lama Ole: My idea, which somebody may hopefully find the time to examine one day, is that Drukpa Kunley is a pre-Buddhist fertility god who survived – like pre-Christian Robin Hood.

 green man, my place (22/10/2011)

search term: bhutan

Lama Ole: People in cold countries like Bhutan tell many and long stories as they sit cosily together in the hay against the cold, and having a recognized trade-mark name to hang them on to gives weight. So there are a lot of stories, and as inspiring situations happen in close situations, some of them are very good.

‘I know what you want’ (8/2/2011) (detail) – watercolour, acrylic, printing ink, pastel.

What are we fighting for?

‘Dark Goddess’ (2011) – water-colour, crayon, chalk, felt-tip pen, glitter on A4 card

Lama Ole: Contemporary western Buddhists may here learn to see bodily exchange as a bridge. That nobody can own anybody else but that we may share exciting bits of the way with them: that physical love can become an important gift that gives people self-confidence and joy and also makes them realize that they should give happiness to others. The whole subject of attraction provides an essential bond between people.

search term: lama ole as mahakala

Drukpa Kunley : la lumière contre l’ignorance et l’égoïsme. Cached

Gampopo (1079-1153)

Dagpo Rinpoche – disciple of Milarepa and revered master in many of the Kagyu lineages

By Chokling Jigme Palden Rinpoche O ocean-like assembly of yidams, dakinis
and dharma protectors, …. In addition, the peerless Dagpo Rinpoche stated: If
you do not practise ….. The lama is the great boat carrying us beyond the ocean
of Cached

Tibetan Text Translations | pktc.orgExpert and beautiful translations from a leading translator

Added Feb 2014 Tuesday

Last night I wrote ‘where is Hannah?’ Having browsed the WordPress blogspot (I add link later – doing this on tablet) focussed on sexual misconduct and the enslavement of women testmony swirling around Lama Ole. Hannah with her attractive blend of insight and sheer magnetism was present for the 4 encounters with Lama, and I was immensely taken with her. The exchanges with Ole were confrontational, bracing, ref speculative ‘ I am not a non-buddhist’ applications, correspodances…I did not stay for the party after the second exchange (or ever) but did make the decision to ride my bike and banjo across the Nullabor, starting point Fremantle WA. I set off the next morning. Sons of love to the incomparable Hannah!

Note: meant to write: eons of love but tablet spell-corrected to sons of love. Appropriate.


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