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A speech for the Duchess of Cambridge

Lovers in a tree, Kensington Gardens (I took this pic in the Spring)

A Speech for the Duchess of Cambridge (4/12/2012)
from another time, Ma’am
K: What hell-child is this? What death-wish? What carbuncle? That it should seek to kill me – to go to … with it’s wretched mother’s life? What depth of experience betrays imagination’s ‘I would have dashed it’s brains out’ should it live to suck on my sulking breast? What future will see this womb-abusing monarch…? A world without ash trees, perhaps – the end-world long predicted – or a world without birds? Or should we as the Queen does and celebrate the untimely announcement of this most stubborn and willful royal embryo – conceived to reign gloriously and greenly – as greenly indeed as it’s green grandfather (on it’s father’s side) playing his waiting game…
Yet, I love…(to the unborn child) I love you… and I’ll be putting high-heeled astro-turf jolly hockey sticks on hold til you are safely born, etc
4th December 2012, Cambridge
added 6/12/2012

I first heard of Kate’s hospitalisation on the 5pm BBC Radio 4 news 3/12/2012. The  BBC Radio 4 – PMEddie Mair show. Before I go on it’s worth noting that if I were an MP (a job from which I would no longer be barred on account of my NHS mental heath treatment thanks to last week’s legislation) I would not be allowed to say what I am about to say in the House of Commons –  words of criticism directed at the Royal Family.

Read no further, Ma’am (Card 23)  This is one for Charles.

Hard on the heels of the news of Kate’s extreme condition (hyperemesis gravidarum: all day and night throwing up food and water – dead within three days without a drip?) was the announcement from the Palace of the Queen’s delight. This was followed by expressions of delight from Cameron and Milliband – ‘a perfect piece of news’ Cameron went so far – and then there came Clegg’s cut and thrust on the reform of  the Act of Succession (a Republican preamble?). None of them, from the Queen down expressed any empathy, sympathy, or concern, for the suffering Kate – only their unifying joy at the fact of the royal pregnancy. I am wondering why – is the Queen such a tough and uncaring woman? Hard to believe – a tough and uncaring monarch weilding immense and inhumane influence on the instruments of state?

kings lynn 2

It was only a silk scarf decorated with race-horses Ma’am « Nick …

king's lynn 1


  1. Monday, 10 December, 2012, 11:25

    The Royal intimidation I was subjected to in King’s Lynn in response to the ‘silk scarf’ incident was at a time when I was advocating a ‘Thames-friendly’ Diamond Jubillee. If I remember rightly at the time it had just been announced that the plan was to fly horses in from various oil-rich dictatorships and have an equestrian extravaganza. Caroline Lucas is right to deplore that kind of mistreatment of live animals. Caroline had also finally influenced me to come down against hunting…


    uncorrected draft

    — On Mon, 10/12/12, Nick Ward wrote:

    From: Nick Ward
    Subject: Nick Ward versus The Crown?
    To: Royal Lawyer
    Date: Monday, 10 December, 2012, 11:04

    — On Mon, 10/12/12, Nick Ward wrote:

    From: Nick Ward
    Subject: cannabis etc (feedback for John Humphrys)
    Cc: Professor Nutt, 4 MPs of different political parties
    Date: Monday, 10 December, 2012, 10:32

    To start the interview with Home Office spokesperson on the back of the Home Office announcement that there ‘will be no change’ was a tough call. I welcome the demand for a Royal Commission Enquiry.

    Here is the blog with got a tick from Professor Nutt at the time of his ‘sacking’: Gordon Brown versus scientific truth « Nick Ward Scenarios


    Good show John. Lovely to hear Terry Waite sounding so relaxed as he issued his dire warning re consequences of Lebanon ‘falling apart’.

    As Christians go Terry Waite is an excellent one…why is he not in Tony Blair’s role? Here’s a shot of him playing my banjo back in my homeless hostel days, from my much-visited nickwardscenarios ‘The Language of Peace’ blog:

    NICK CHILDS is bigger than barrack obama
    BBC Defense and Security
    Added 30th Novemeber 2009: I woke early this morning and subjected myself to three hours of Radio Four. The Israeli Ambassador in London came on and there was not a single question representing the repugnance so many of us feel about the ongoing land-grabbing. Instead he was asked about what Israel’s response to Iran’s expansion of uranium enrichment is going to be. Is Israel planning a nuclear attack on Iran? There was a sinister silence. Meanwhile Gordon Brown pressures Obama into escallating the Afghanistan/Pakistan onslaught and he’s using the ‘man-hunt’ argument. Islamist terrorism does not work that way. Bin Ladin is a red herring.

  2. political footnote for Zac Goldsmith, added here 4/9/2012

    Zac Goldsmith :: Home Page – Similar

    about last night

    —– Forwarded Message —– From: banjo.nick> To:> Cc: julianhuppert> Sent: Monday, 3 September 2012, 19:03 Subject: Fw: sad day, Caroline

    If I was you I would be considering resigning asap – otherwise too much of your time will be taken up with a Green Party which is bound to be out of touch with Parliamentary business – Independent Green?

    All my instincts tell me that – give her space!

    As for basically tory Clegg, Julian, he just has to give way to Cable – you’ll be the leader after him is my prediction!


    —– Forwarded Message —– banjo.nick To: Cc: julianhuppertSent: Monday, 3 September 2012, 18:36 Subject: sad day, Caroline

    Natalie Bennett elected new Green Party leader in England and Wales

    BBC News‎ – 7 hours ago

    I listened to Bennett’s lunchtime interview and was unimpressed — on many levels – and ironically there was Zac G complaining about his own party’s plans to u-turn on airport expansion – in the same programme an Australian no one has heard of is telling us the Greens will be targetting Labour voters and promising the earth re undeliverable services… Seems to me Zac G could have been at the point of doing the stunning thing and joining the party

    oh, dear…


    added 5th September 2012

    An Open Letter for Zac Goldsmith on wedge politics

    Quite an achievement for Zac Goldsmith to headline the BBC Radio 4 news at aprox 8.31 with his demand for an honest and unambiguous statement from the Coalition ref. u-turn on expanding London ’s airport capacity (Heathrow third runway, etc). These short-sighted George Osborne-Boris Johnson dictated preliminaries representing the economic madness of scorning under-debated potential of a ‘green-industrial’ future are deeply frustrating to many dedicated environmentalists who observe that the aviation sector is, in fact, in decline. We should be improving public transport connectivity with existing international terminals to speed up delivery of goods and passengers in the short term is the transitional solution put forward by the likes of the former leader of the Green Party and the first and only British Green MP, Caroline Lucas. There are jobs to be created in that sensible proposal – and votes to be won.

    How green is Zac G?

    As a Conservative Party MP his green credentials are, de facto, questionable, obviously. How much would I love to see him jump ship and trigger a bi-election in his Richmond constituency with the launching of a new Independent Green Party in the UK ?

    How much would I love to see the Lib Dems break the Coalition before it is too late to avoid their wholesale destruction at the forthcoming General Election?

    Interesting that BBC R4 dropped Zac G from the 9am headlines in favour of Boris Johnson’s disingenuous pledge that there will be no u-turn on the Coalition pledge not to build a third runway at Heathrow. They call this ‘wedge politics’ in Australia . Should true Greens be grateful to the BBC for falling short of allowing this fiercely anti-green fantasist from plugging the Boris Island folly, yet again?

    Pause for thought.

    In summary I was, of course, pleased to hear Zac G’s measured and laid-back charm on air this morning and I simply hope that he might be persuaded to employ every ounce of his charismatic appeal to do the stunning thing on behalf of his constituents and young right-of-centre green fan-base.

    At the risk of inflating an already wordy posting I add that I have some connections in Richmond – at Richmond Bridge Boathouses – so I’ll be back in the area before the hoped for Indian summer. Always happy to get the banjo or guitar out for a back-yard or riverside putting the world to rights jam. Perhaps we can co-ordinate a cross-party get-together.

    I am not, nor have ever been, a Conservative, and it would be over my dead body if I was ever to become one, I hasten to add – however the green revolution must be playing out across the political spectrum or it will come to nothing.

    Nick Ward

    Old School Liberal/ Independent Green

    An earlier version of this message was sent via email this morning to the office of Zac Goldsmith; Caroline Lucas; Julian Huppert; the BBC Today Programme. Also to Complaints, BBC Radio Four.

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