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Murray Day

Murray day 1

Murray Day



Feedback to BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ Complaints

—- Forwarded Message —–

From: Nick WardTo: “”Sent: Monday, 8 July 2013, 12:47Subject: Tony Blair on ‘Today’

The decision to mix up ‘peace’ envoy Blair’s pro-Israeli stance on arms-deliveries (‘oil on fire’ to quote Glenda Jackson) to Syrian ‘opposition’ forces with John Humphrys’ interview with Murray was surely John’s idea. Who took the decision to invite this war-profiteer on to the programme in the first place.
It was the glee in Blair’s voice as he spoke of deaths in Syria outnumbering deaths in Iraq which seemed to pass old Jim by — and again that use of the word ‘democracy’.
The trouble is we are so far in returning is a tedious as go oe’r – the arms traders have won?
—– Forwarded Message —– From: Nick WardTo: “”Sent: Saturday, 6 July 2013, 12:56

Subject: Lord Sachs on ‘Today’ yesterday

He spoke of ‘the delicate balance of rights and responsibilities’ as he praised the US funded military take-over in Egypt. He spoke of inalienable ‘democratic’ rights; that liberty is about ‘self-restraint’ and ‘making space for people to live’ regardless of religious affiliations. All this without mentioning the sufferings of the Lebanese under the Israeli military democratic dictatorship.
Meanwhile I am wondering how many Unite members vote Tory. Not many perhaps but that’s the way playwright-directors approach things, ‘greenwise’.
Yesterday I collided with Michael Tanner on Trinity Street!

Back on the music:

Home – Andy Murray Official Site

Sent: Saturday, 13 July 2013, 16:27Subject: Lord Sachs on changing habitual views
I was deeply impressed by Chief Rabbi Sachs’ most recent ‘Thought for the Day’ in which he praised the power of meditation to change habitual views – a wonderfully far-fetched vision of Israel’s bellicose leadership taking meditation classes from Buddhist peace envoys springs to mind.
As previously requested: Can Blair make available reports of every single trip he has made as Peace Envoy to the Quartet? This way we can assess what he has been up to and how successfully.
His latest BBC statement on the way Ed Miliband is dealing with Unite (‘great leadership’) is welcome.
Does he also support my support for the idea floating around Westminster that the recommended 11 per cent pay increase to MPs should be earmarked for payment of MP’s interns/assistants/researchers. Perhaps ‘greenwise’ can take on a treasurer role (Julian?) in this anti-lobbying move.
—– Forwarded Message —–From: Nick WardTo: Today Complaints <>Sent: Saturday, 13 July 2013, 12:50

Subject: Tony Blair on ‘Today’

I do not dispute that Tony Blair is the former Prime Minister whose ’45’ minute speech to Parliament resulted in the illegal invasion of Iraq.
Who elected him to the position of  ‘Middle East Peace Envoy’ when he ceased to be Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party?
How does Blair answer this question?
How much money has Blair made since leaving office?
As Caroline Lucas knows listening to Blair on any issue, whatever his promises, is a very tough call, even as we might acknowledge that he is indeed a military general, of sorts – addicted to killing.

From: Today Complaints <>

To: ‘Nick Ward’

Sent: Friday, 12 July 2013, 14:39

Subject: RE: Tony Blair on ‘Today’

Dear Mr Ward
Thank you for your email. I’m aware that interviews with Mr Blair can divide opinion amongst our listeners, but as a former Prime Minister and  now Middle East Peace envoy, he is well placed to comment on the Egyptian uprising, Syria and other issues related to that part of the world. He is however only one of many people we have interviewed on these subjects in the past few months. We leave it to listeners to make up their own minds on what they have all had to say.
I hope this helps answer your concerns,
yours sincerely
Dominic Groves
Assistant Editor
added 18/7/2013

Sir Bob Russell on Israel’s treatment of Bedouin

Dear Sir Bob
This was news to me I am ashamed to say as a regular listener to BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’.
Regarding yesterday’s email my comment regarding ‘this pitiful collection of members of Parliament’ was in reference to those members who were present at the time of Luff and Wright’s submissions on behalf of the UK atms trade, not those ‘greenwise’ MPs in receipt of the email, all of whom in their different ways enrich the House.
If I was Ed Balls I’d offer to swap places with Iain Wright next time Ed Miliband has a re-shuffle – his perfomance today on the ‘one tank’ EU-US trade deal was informed and interesting – especially as he proposes US car-makers be brought in to line with EU environmental
Yours sincerely,
Nick Ward
5 Jul 2013 Posts about Israel written by martinlinton. Tagged as Israel, Bedouin, BobRussell, Alistair Burt, ethnic cleansing. by martinlinton | · Friday 5 f
5 Jul 2013 Sir Bob Russell: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and to follow closelyIsraeli Government plans with respect to Bedouin land claims
added 17/7/2013
Did I mean Lebanese? The Palestinians are also suffering great hardship beneath the retracting (?) Israeli yoke.
by email via ‘greenwise’:
It was with a mixture of boredom and nausia that I sat through Luff and Wright’s submissions on behalf of a UK arms trade Wright values at £22 Billion per year … to think of the damage this deadly business of war is doing to our planet, to our humanity is beyond my reckoning – it is simply awfully depresssing that this subsidised killing machine should be justified in terms of jobs when, as ‘greenwise’ advocates, prioiry should be given to those poor brain-washed souls who crave dependency on this pitiful collection of members of parliament.
  From: Nick Ward Sent: Tuesday, 16 July 2013, 8:27 Subject: typical Lib Dem fudge

Noam Chomsky: The Gravest Threat to World Peace – Truthout…/13700-noam-chomsky-the-gravest-threat-to-world-peac…

Friday, 04 January 2013 09:05 By Noam Chomsky, Truthout | Op-Ed Still more dangerous is the nucleardeterrent strategy of which Butler was a leading

Nuclear Terror at Home, by Noam Chomsky (Talk delivered at the

Nuclear Terror at Home. Noam Chomsky. Delivered at the International Relations Center, January 25, 2005. If you can imagine some rational observers from

 From: Nick Ward Sent: Monday, 15 July 2013, 14:36 Subject: Boris does not yet rule out Boris Island
Jimmy Chi (of Corrugation Road) told me in Broome in 2000 that ‘truth’ loses out to parable because parable doesn’t get crucified, or just vilified. Ibsen’s Nora, Shakespeare’s output, etc, is born to test the limitations of our heaviest heritage, our ‘democratic’ laws concerning human conduct.

Drama is not inherently a branch of literature, rather it is literature’s precurser.

Sing your Song (2009)
You can’t build a house on the river  x2
The water will rise like the tears in your eyes
You can’t build a house on the river
You’re going to need a boat for the river x2
On the ebbing tide you’re going to take a ride
In the boat of the man of the river
final variation: You can’t build a house on the floodplane, etc
added 19/7/2013 (via ‘greenwise’) this para edited 9/8/13

Subject: Nick Ward versus Lynton Crosby?

Vince Cable, not so many years ago the MP who declared war on Murdoch’s poisonous influence, is reduced to the pathetic creature on display in the much sought after 8.10am BBC R4 ‘Today’ interview slot. The rift between the intelligence (and wit) of Evan Davis and the Head of News had already been well established by the time Cable came on… the big Olympics story, of course, is the unfolding drugs scandal – instead here was the Business Minister plodding around to the latest brainwave of this deeply compromised ‘popularist’ from John Howard school of vile wedge politics… hence the continued attack from these Tory bloodhounds and their Lib Dem poodles,on those most vulnerable. There will be more savage attacks on the homeless and vulnerable as a direct result. Those crime figures are on the rise. I volunteer at a dop-in centre for the homeless (Wintercomfort) so I really know.
I’ll come back to you, Rupert. What was the price of oil you predicted would be the result of the Iraq invasion you so insidiously, so insistently, bullied the political classes into believing?
The Independent – ‎Jul 18, 2013‎
Mr Miliband said the conflict of interests was not limited to tobacco. He referred to The Independent’s disclosure on Monday that Crosby Textor, represents the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, an oil and gas lobby group …

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