Posted by: nickwardscenarios | August 12, 2013

spotting an original

  1. Photo: My god-daughter Ella's Barcelona 3D piece 2013
    My god-daughter Ella’s Barcelona 3D piece 2013, photo by the artist

    Photo: My god-daughter Ella's A level submission 2012

  2.  Ella’s A level submission 2012, photo by the artist
    Ella’s Statement:
    ‘My Barcelona piece’s called “The female torso’ here is a copy of the statement i had up on the wall with it :

    The bull is a powerful animal that has been used throughout history to symbolise masculinity. While investigating the image of the bull I saw that the shape of the bull’s skull fits perfectly into the shape of the female torso. with the rise of feminism we have seen women put on a macho front with the intention of becoming equal with the males in society. The image of the masculine female is nowadays presented as an ideology, girls aspire for the boyish shaped figures of models and strive for success in traditionally male careers. We seem to be heading towards a society with a diminishing distinction between men and women, i wonder weather this masculine female ideology will finally lead us to an equality between the two genders or weather it will continue to leave women feeling disatisfied as they are simply trying to be something that they are not.
    I didn’t have a title for my A-level submission piece’.
  3. photo(3)
    ‘Fruit 2009′ – a gift to Ella, photo Chris Simon
    ‘Maban 2011′ – sold to Chris Simon, photo Chris Simon

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