Posted by: nickwardscenarios | September 3, 2013

‘Purple Day 2011’ gifted to a mystic lady


‘Purple Day 2011’ by Nick Ward on A4, pastel and watercolour collage in clip frame, photo by Pam Everett at her Mystic Lady quilting exhibition in King Street (ending today a Cambridge Changing Spaces show)



Pam Everett a true original


Mission Statement

‘Pam moved to UK from West Virginia in 2011. ‘Story quilts’ began in 2006 inspired by the ‘Mystic Lady’ a Sacred Tree residing on her property in West Virginia.

From her meditations, the ‘Mystic Lady’ revealed a Native American Story of Love in harmony with Mother Earth community and Spiritual Upliftment. Her quilts act as a mediums giving voice to the Native Spirits that whisper among the trees. Her mission is to share the ‘The Present of Love’ with the widest audience possible.



Banjo Nick photo Pam Everett

‘By using batik fabrics, beads, and feathers over the years as a seamstress, she gives her life to multi-dimensional creations. Reflecting both the simple and the sacred themes accessible to everyone.’

Pam was a professional seamstress for over 30 years ‘from weddings to Rodeos (including the legendary Picket Rodeo) to theatre productions (including Parker Robinson Dance Company) – her work caught my eye as I was cycling home on Sunday – gorgeous colour combinations and exquisite craft in the making. It might qualify as quilting but the impression is that of a dynamic painter totally at home with her talent and her warmth.

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