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my speech for Obama would be a turnaround for Peace



added 12/9/2013

Huffington Post UK ‎- 6 мин. назад
The news comes after Green MP Caroline Lucas told Commons that the firms had been promoting “illegal weapons of torture” at the fair.
added 13/9/2013
Yesterday William Hague claimed that Assad has denied chemical weapons possession. Does this mean he denies knowledge of UK chemical weapons sales to Syria or is he misleading Parliament?
The Russian and US arms traders are successfully maintaining the mutual agreed slaughter and the flow of arms is unchanged. Huge sigh of relief from the Labour Party and arms-trade related Trades Unions – and from Natalie Bennett? – and all those Tories in their explosive property bubble.
Appalling, Caroline. How many votes did Bennett need to win the leadership – less than 200?
Is Vince Cable involved in the chemical weapons trade, Julian? That should rule him out of the leadership challenge. Clegg has done almost as much damage as Blair – that’s saying something – Cambridge will kick you out unless you make a very bold stand, I predict. You marched against Iraq!
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uk shame

Did Cameron cancel this deal? Was it signed off by Blair? What quantities where delivered, under what conditions?
Why no mention of this startling law-breaking on the part of the British Government on ‘Today’ which did, however, include an item before 8am in which a Government-licensed fracker admitted that water contamination (‘fluorines’) is the issue.

News for daily mail uk chemicals to syria

  1. Daily Mail ‎- 17 hours ago
    Between 2004 and 2010 the Government issued export licences to two companies, allowing them to sell Syria sodium fluoride, which is used to

Sent: Thursday, 5 September 2013, 9:35 Subject: Another urgent appeal to progressive Israel, Zac?

By an regrettable quirk in the US constitution Obama’s proposed act of war against Syria without the backing Congress can only be ordered if he is not on American soil. No wonder he is looking so grim today. Obama’s talk of ‘international norms’ might include the admission that his Israeli-led intelligence is coming from ‘sourceless’ (how convienent for his amoral speech-writing team!) representing a rogue state with undisclosed stock-piles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and brutally repressive attitude to the Lebanese who are in dire need of international intervention, not least with the Syrian diaspora.
US troops will strike is reason for ‘no boots on the ground’ according to an American source close to the President.
David Cameron speaks of ‘armagedon’… this is about the wished-for armagedon of the international arms trade with it’s evil or deluded (?) chief lobbyists like Cameron and Obama – and the Labour Party – want to shoot off the old killing toys so they can order in the generation.
Is Israel an anti-humanitarian regime generating sophisticated dodgy intelligence with minds highly advanced in live event multi-media manipulation, offshoots Hollywood and the BBC?
Therein the urgent appeal.
added later about my old friend and teacher Professor George Brandt
Sent: Thursday, 5 September 2013, 16:52Subject: remembering George Brandt  (from email to C and E)
George died about 6 years ago at a ripe old age but he kept in touch and would even make the journey from Bristol to see shows and workshops in London – he was a film buff but so technically inept that he could never get the video player to work – more at home in a projection box. He set up the first film and tv uni course – lovely deep man, a jew who’d fled Germany. I’m sure you’ll find some wonderful teachers too.
I enjoyed my year at Bristol (post-grad film tv radio 1 year) – lived up by the Suspension Bridge in Clifton – Bristol is great – far enough away from London to have it’s own v distinctive vibe — gd choice – lucky Bristol!

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