Posted by: nickwardscenarios | October 10, 2013

Dear David Cameron

Prime Minister

Chemical Fracking and Editorial Responsibility at the BBC

Please note two regrettable typos in my email to Michael Fallon of yesterday now corrected: ‘industrial scale pollution’ and ‘Environment Agency’. In fact my ‘post-dyslexic’ spelling is much improved and I vow to myself daily to read my emails before sending them, but you know what it’s like sometimes when you just want to get your message across without dilly-dallying.

I copy this urgent warning to you, sent in good faith, via Greg Barker, Minister for Energy and Climate Change (should that be ‘human-induced climate change’ for semantic rigour? I believe so). In today’s Independent, p10, Barker’s evidence to the Commons Science and Technology Committee on 9/10/13 ref BBC coverage is quoted thus: ‘I think there is too much focus on trying to stimulate an increasingly sterile debate on the science, given the overwhelming body of opinion that there is now in favour of the science, and perhaps if they are wanting to have an active debate they should be talking about the policy responses to that science, rather than the science itself’.

I find myself in total agreement with your Minister on this matter. Nick Ward versus the BBC (ref chemical fracking) is an equivalent case.

I believe you were misguided to put your reputaion on the line regarding chemical fracking and, daily, the evidence coming from the United States, in particular, is strengthening the case that unless it is stopped, per se, in this small island, it will result in water contamination and widespread pollution, irreversable.

Please move quickly to stand by your pledge to take note of the potential, I would say, inevitable, pollution that will result from this increasingly unpopular filthy cash cow and you might come out with your credabilty not in tatters.

Personally I think that the moon should be harnessed – imagine tide turbines beneath Brighton Pier, for example – that would be a tourist attraction in itself.

Caroline Lucas is in the dock next week and speaks for millions – and you have the power to very quickly see that justice is done. Please do so without further ado and if an altertative to the flawed Environment Agency needs to be formed, well, that’s a move many, better qualified than myself in the science, would welcome with open minds and glad hearts.

Re wind farms – why not try a linear design – railway lines were considered a blight in their days of constuction – so were Electricity pylons – so incorporate the windmills with them – and commision artists to paint them with rainbows and doves – now there’s a job for the likes of me.

Best wishes

Yours sincerely

Nick Ward

‘The Greenest Government ever’ – pull the other one dave!

Sunday 27 October 2013: added missing inverted comma to ‘human-induced climate change’ and posted¬†

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