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Banjo Nick at Banjo’s in Brighton: latte only £1!!!


Did you know that ‘banjo’ is West Country slang for ‘sandwich’? From the 1920s when banjos were all the rage. Why? because they fill the sandwiches so full there that you end up making a strumming action to clean the contents off your shirt front, according to Paul.


Paul is the very friendly boss here and he’s proud of his prices, certainly the best value I’ve found in Brighton – tastes great too.

nuclear power post-fukishma is avoiding the peace card in the Middle East (22/10/13}

just corrected a letter to the Home Office having received a reply to my complaint about Police aggression at the anti-fracking protest at Balcombe on 20th Sept:
Dear S Luzio
I thank you for your email containing the letter I have herewith downloaded.As you will be aware from my email of 11/10/2013 the Independent Police Complaints Commission have already been informed of my two complaints regarding Home Office directives to Police Chief Constables regarding the policing of legal and peaceful protests such as the one I attended on 20/9/13 on London Road, Balcombe, where I was attempting to peacefully protest against David Cameron’s failure to disclose the highly toxic nature of chemical-fracking fluid, a failure which was so complete that the BBC ‘Today’ programme, quoting the Prime Minister verbatum, in News Bulletins and ‘Today’ Programme items, referred only to ‘water’, in the days preceeding the arrest of Caroline Lucas, MP, on the off-road pathway to the Cuadrilla exploratory drilling site near Balcombe, West Sussex, on August 19. This was the main reason I attended the anti-fracking protest on London Rd on 20/9/2013 (‘Nick Ward versus BBC’).You will also be aware that my forthcoming Trial (‘Regina versus Nick Ward’, Horsham Magistrates Court on 2/1/14, disallows me from disclosing detailed statements from the Prosecution or statements relating to my Defence, holding, as I do, the Court in the highest respect. However I am able to say that I have lodged specific complaints against (1) PC Y(name withheld 18/11/2013) and (2) all of the male police officers on that day who were directed to run down the road as I was walking backwards at reasonable walking pace while protecting my Gibson Mastertone banjo and an untrained Springer Spaniel. I am considering a third complaint, which would be very serious indeed, imprisonable, concerning the truthfullness of Police documentations relating to the events of that day.The co-operative Police Officers I herewith copy in are aware of the situation as it currently stands.

‘Fracking contaminates H20. It is a crime against the natural world’, written in pencil (framed by a heart-shaped design) was the ‘criminal damage’ to the cell wall at Crawley Police Station on 20/9/2014, for which I take responsibility. It was an authentic attempt to alert the Police of ‘intention to pollute on an industrial scale’. During the recorded interview I expressed remorse for feeling it was my public duty to deliver this message and offered to clean the pencil marks off myself to avoid wasting precious police time.

Speaking of wasting precious time, my precious time, I dutifully warn the Prime Minister that he take the contents of this email seriously, and address the core issue without further delay. As I have previously advised 1) linear-design wind-farms along existing ‘scars’ on the landscape, railways, motorways, electricity pylons routes, might go some way to addressing with the aesthetic objections raised by the likes of The Prince of Wales, and (2) harnessing the never-stopping power of the moon via discrete tide turbines might go some way to generating all of our power needs by 2050 and create a huge number of jobs in the process.

Yours faithfully

Nick Ward

I copy in IPCC further to recent emails concerning these matters.

Other intersted and disintersted parties also copied in non-discretely.

Notes added 17.03.

1. In fact I was simply crossing the road when I first noticed the running police line protecting the Cuadrilla truck. Otherwise I would have left my banjo in my non-protesting aunt’s car, and likewise would not have agreed to look after her sweetly natured, untrained springer.

2. I understand that creating green communities growing vegetables and fruit and relying on 100% renewable energy is antithetical to ‘growth’ as capital defines it – whereas the arms trade and fossil fuel, etc, does show up positively as ‘Growth’ in the Prime Minister’s and the Chancellor’s environmentally-destructive way of looking at things. So there needs to be a huge change in thinking and another way of expressing that thinking – if I can be of any assistance in this challenging transition I would regard it as ‘duty calls’ and do my best. The Prime Minister is quite capable of making the U-turn, he is an intelligent and articulate politician capable of changing his mind with the necessary good grace and humility, hopefully. Otherwise this battle is just beginning and it is a battle he will lose, is my sincere hope.

I also understand that the Labour Party Leadership’s silence on the toxic-fracking debate and the wider issues I begin to address here is equally destructive in the long term. That is why I have pleasure in describing myself as non party political.

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