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‘Fracking Contaminates’ and an open letter to Dame Helen Ghosh, National Trust


‘FRACKING CONTAMINATES’ – water-colour work-in-progress on canvas board.


For the attention of Dame Helen Ghosh:

an email exchange, today, Sunday (!), with Dr Tzehaye Semere, Environment Officer Environment Agency, Arkwright Road, Bedford, MK42 0LE

Dear Tzehaye

If Prime Minister Cameron has his way there will be fracking ‘all over the country’ and according to him it is the Environment Agency who have given the ok regarding the inevitable contamination of ground/surface water systems ref ‘fracking fluid’. Why does he not just tell the electorate that he is a prime polluter? Because there are no votes in it from left to right. We are the country which transformed the Thames from ‘dead river’ in the 60s to what it is now – although it is backsliding, of course, and Thames Water’s part-ownership by China does not auger well given the toxic state of China’s rivers.

It is a national issue and the evidence flowing in from the United States, in particular, is showing that ground water will be contaminated if this ‘dash for gas’ is not stopped.

Even the BBC R4 ‘Today’ programme, in the days preceeding the arrest of Caroline Lucas were mentioning only ‘water’, not ‘fracking fluid’. (‘Nick Ward versus BBC’) It is a ‘conspiracy to pollute on an industrial scale’ and is totally unnecessary.

Hence I am using the Freedom of Information Act to find out on what level the Environment Agency has failed in it’s key duty – to protect the environment against a Coalition which is intent on criminal pollution.

Even the National Trust is sitting on the fence with an ‘open mind’. That is disgraceful.

I do not use a phone but I am pleased that anglers are your main frontline witnesses.

Best wishes

Nick Ward


On Sun, 27/10/13, Semere, Tzehaye wrote:

Subject: RE: Freedom of Information request ref chemical fracking
To: “Nick Ward”
Cc: “Tate, Chris”
Date: Sunday, 27 October, 2013, 10:04

Dear Nick

We work very closely with anglers, they are our main
customers who report water pollution incidents with reliable
information. If you send me you phone number I can call you
back with a feedback.

Regarding your freedom of information request, there is no
fracking taking place in Biggleswade or in the surrounding

Here is the link for what you need to do

When making your request, you should include:

1. your name
2. an address where you can be contacted
3. a detailed description of the recorded information you

And send it to

Kind regards

Tzehaye Semere, PhD


late October rose, my Cambridge garden

added 29/10/2013

17,000 Environment Agency jobs to be cut does not bode well for our river sytems in the face of the ‘conspiracy to pollute on an industrial scale’ that toxic fracking will enable, Julian.

> From: Nick Ward
> Subject: Fw: River Ivel ammonia level 0.2 mg/l
> To: Alistair Burt MP
> Cc:
> Date: Tuesday, 29 October, 2013, 9:57
> Dear Mr Burt
> I am writing following a cycle ride through part of your
> constituency last weekend when I witnessed what I thought
> were unacceptable levels of chemical contamination on the
> River Ivel about a mile upstream of Biggleswade.
> The water test undertaken by the Environment Agency shows
> that ammonia is entering the river but that the river is
> well oxygenated. I hope this report is accurate because it
> does not conform with what I saw and smelt last Sunday.
> Perhaps it was a spillage but it didn’t seem to be. I would
> like to see the source of the ammonia traced if possible.
> I have emailed the local anglers association in the hope of
> some frontline feeback from them.
> Best wishes
> Your sincerely,
> Nick Ward
> ‘greenwise’

photos added Thursday 31st October 2013 following bike ride from the source of the Ivel to Biggleswade:




so far so good


despite bike-unfriendly river path


Here – about a mile and half upstream of Bigglesdwade the Ivel is joined by a tributary and the water colouration is effected. It might just be storm-run off but it is marked. Certainly worth checking the cause.


Holme Mill is where I saw the pollution 10 days ago. The smell was not as bad today. Funnily enough there was an Environment Agency employee reading the electricity meter but he told me water pollution is not his thing, and, anyway, he comes from Newmarket and his job is to read electricity meters. An unfriendly and unhelpful man.


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