Posted by: nickwardscenarios | November 4, 2013

On Spectral Geography

Banjo Nick Ramblings

‘Kali’ (2010, water-colour, ink, acrylic on 4xA4 card), by Nick Ward

The Goddess Kali is something else! In Indian transcendental-ritual practice she represents some pretty shattering metaphysical concepts like 1. Creation 2. Preservation 3. Dissolution. My personal tantric practice is heavily into ‘ritual’ activity – this painting is a good example. I finished it this morning (14/8/2010) to the ironic and laid-back sounds of Alex Lester’s 2am – 5am BBC Radio 2 slot having woken from a full-on dream of my mother (who died in 2005) – suffice to say, in the dream she was very much alive and in the course of the dream died in a rowing boat in a rough sea. Alone. The black parts of the painting are my own hand-prints. I’ll come back to Kali.

I dedicate this painting to Professor Oliver Rackham (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge), a dedicated Cambridge University pioneer in the field of the…

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