Posted by: nickwardscenarios | November 7, 2013

open letter to Lord Ridley

yesterday   in Parliament
You’re as a bad as me, having to borrow a pen on live   TV… you spoke well in support of Caroline: of course 50 word summaries of ammendments to bills would be a worthwhile use of a Parliamentary assistant’s paid time! But, no, such a simple move towards transparency is not the will of this broken and corrupt  House.
Later in the night I though Lord Ridlley epitomised all that is most corrupt when he declared an interest in ‘Weir’ – who provide fracking equiptment, I assume – launching into a hateful tirade against the great blight of wind farms.
We are paying the price, are we not, in energy bills, for the failed Iraq oil-grab?
‘Saving the planet, costing the earth’… the   lies!!!! We are not leading the renewables revolution we are  agging far behind.
A waste of time? Never.
(corrected 9/11/2013)

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