Posted by: nickwardscenarios | November 15, 2014

silver wand for nicola



  1. London shared a link.
    21 hrs ·
    A bad witch’s blog: This Week’s Pagan Events In and Near London
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    Banjo Nick Great blog. Thanks for sharing. If I was in London next Tuesday 18th in your fleetwitchy company I’d be suggesting Br Museum for lunchtime Sutton Hoo ship get-together and on to the ‘ How the Occult saved Rock and Roll’ event at Horse Hospital Bloomsbury. Vegan snacks as we ramble. However I’ll probably be in Cam so another time!
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    Sarah London Sounds wonderful shame you will be in Cambridge.. another time, look forward to it Nick and to the Grapes for Pea mash
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    Banjo Nick Pea Mash at the Grapes it will be Fleetwitch. Maybe get old McKellen to lay on few extra vegan dishes or we might be tempted to teach him a few witchy tricks to add to his repertoire.
    Hbt Trl Harry Potter
    Full size image of Hbt Trl Harry Potter at 961×414 uploaded by jephthah-28
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    Banjo Nick Whoops wrong link. Here’s the old trouper!
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    Banjo Nick Maybe offer him a walk-on in Fleetwitch the movie. If he passes the audition. Fine actor.
    Except Fleetwitch belongs in the world of real ritual. Theatre ritual. Smell it in 3 dimensions.
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    Banjo Nick Don’t worry no Fleetwitch the play without my co-author’s full support! We have job to do. Not easy to find the right actor for Supreme Magus Dr Dee. Or the brilliant Mr Kelly for that matter. Perhaps we never show it. Mystic text found many years from now by curious occultists!!
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    Sarah London Lets do it , I am happy to be your co-author, actually its very exciting to work with a man of rave reviews…
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    Banjo Nick Well I’d better show you some of the filthy ones from the thatcher era! Just now awaiting brother swamp for a practice session. Yeah my first co-authoted since Algeron co-written with the brilliant Lorna age 10. Lorna got me started.
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    Sarah London I hope I can make Lorna proud a fine lady
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    Banjo Nick Advantage to having won George Devine Award in 88 and having had a run of sell-out shows before I dropped it is that if I have a script it will get put on. By me! And team of my choice. Need no advice from national theatre or subsisdised arts bods aboit working methods. Gene is here. So must to work!
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    Sarah London Have a productive evening Swamp Brothers x
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    Paul Southcott and let me know when you’re auditioning…
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    Paul Southcott yes really..
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    Sarah London Most certainly Paul.
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