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action in Ely yesterday


Banjo Nick ‘Good luck Cambridge’ I yelled at the entire squad including boatman and coaches as they disembarked, ‘you’re going to need it because you have wrecked our riverbank’. Silence on the Ouse. I continued ‘you could have built it right here there is the space shame Cambridge. Shame!’ Little hexed. I think Oxford will win and the pointless eco-vandalism will be halted. Otherwise they might never win again and that could get a bit boring for thamesis. Timing was perfect. Entire squad. Feeling a bit cursed. Not too cursed. No one gets hurt except the wild animals and birds that have existed on unbuilt upon Ouse downstream of Ely for centuries. One building means there will be another. That’s what filthy money buys. Oxford to win is my tip. Get your tenner on Sarah London fleetwitch
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Banjo Nick Now to the station. Job done.
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Banjo Nick I’ll copy and paste last bit and send it via email. I ain’t hiding!x
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Banjo Nick Sent: Thu, Nov 20, 2014 19:21 GMT
Subject: shorthand cubc, Stopping Grangemouth poison my focusTrees have been felled senior dog walkers informed me delighted that I am making protest.
Stop it. Make it a protected zone care of Cambridge University. Build between Stuntney Bridge and railway bridge downstream. Plenty of spaces. This will be immensely popular with majority of locals and as a rower, as a crew, you will have a feel-good buz which will manifest in a huge surge of collective power as you pass the Grandstand. A great race. Resposibility for ethical code may not win races but to knowingly allow this building to proceed, in the knowledgd that I am fighting for Ouse, will indeed hex u. In 1987 Topolsky’s Oxford won because they read the river. They were of a mind to read the river because they took a stand.

Grangemouth. Employ every single worker in Scottish Renewables and turn down the 500 million destined to pollute our aquifers our streams our rivers. It is ecocidal.

Added Christmas Eve:

  • And we need to drum anti-clashing into coxes otherwise the crew with laminated oars will simply smash their way to victory. Waste of a race. 

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  • Sent: Wed, Dec 24, 2014 15:15 GMT
  • Subject: FW: Re: FW: CUBC destruction of Ouse riverbank update

    Topoloski 87. 

    Good location for a banner Mike and tent occupation. Thinking about it. In the mood for painting and river gazing. Could do a tie in with Ely Standard maybe. 

    Great support locally to stop this. Spirit of anti-abventurers which Cromwell Lord of The Fens then recruited. Simply by undercutting the tithe taxation rate. !

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    From: banjo.nick Dec 24, 2014 15:05 GMT
  • Subject: FW: Re: FW: CUBC destruction of Ouse riverbank update

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    From: banjo nick
  • Sent: Wed, Dec 24, 2014 15:04 GMT
    Subject: Re: FW: CUBC destruction of Ouse riverbank update

    Just getting a photographic record of the damage to riverbank as soon as possible. 

    I am hoping of course that Cambridge University have stopped this wanton destruction. And that makes a great story to. A much happier story. 

    Obviously the best outcome is a Conservation Zone and investment along those lines and from the Boatrace perspective an agreed building zone between the bridges. I don’t know the ins and outs of the lease on CUBC boatshed on current site but note there is room for expansion. 

    Wining Boatrace crews don’t need anything more than as space to rack boats with minimum fuss. All other training needs can be met elsewhere. But yes plenty of rack space for fleets of sculling boats essential

    Boatrace thrives on human interest stories as Topoloski knows having seen off the american mutiny of 88

    Maybe see you for Swamp Brothers New Year Eve gig at 6 Bells Mike


    > Can Cambridge News provide photographer for this story which the vast
    > majority of Ely locals will support.
    > No doubt national interest will follow close to Boatrace Day.
    > Warm regards, in fury!
    > Nick
    > Founder Greenwise (copied in)
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> Sent: Tue, Dec 23, 2014 12:55 GMT

> Subject: CUBC destruction of Ouse riverbank update
> Last Thursday
> It is a terrible sight. A real mess. Concrete pontoon has been driven into
> river bank destroying ecosystem continuity. The only building on the river
> bank between rail bridge and footbridge to Roswell Pits. Dog walkers
> furious.
> Trees felled.
> However I noted that the crane has gone.
> This must be stopped. It is a terrible precident.
> I am devastated to see the riverbank of my youth molested in this way.
> I remind CUBC that it was as a direct result of my intervention as a 15
> year old single sculler unable to get my boat out of kse boatshed that led
> to the great Alf Twinn taking up my case with my father re lease for
> current boathouse.
> Who took this decision?
> It simply must stop. And serious money must be spent to put it right.
> That will mean tree planting and very sensitive replanting of riverbank
> The publicity will be easy to generate.
> More than fair warning CUBC
> Stuart, can Professor Rackham be persuaded to make an indendent assessment
> of damage done?



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