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action in Ely yesterday

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Banjo Nick ‘Good luck Cambridge’ I yelled at the entire squad including boatman and coaches as they disembarked, ‘you’re going to need it because you have wrecked our riverbank’. Silence on the Ouse. I continued ‘you could have built it right here there is the space shame Cambridge. Shame!’ Little hexed. I think Oxford will win and the pointless eco-vandalism will be halted. Otherwise they might never win again and that could get a bit boring for thamesis. Timing was perfect. Entire squad. Feeling a bit cursed. Not too cursed. No one gets hurt except the wild animals and birds that have existed on unbuilt upon Ouse downstream of Ely for centuries. One building means there will be another. That’s what filthy money buys. Oxford to win is my tip. Get your tenner on Sarah London fleetwitch
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Banjo Nick Now to the station…

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  1. Sea levels are rising. Flood waters more frequent. Combine freak high tide with north-easterly gales and storm rains and this rashly arrogant display of eco-destruction will be under water. Just a matter of time. That’s just the technical aspect. One year in late 70s I sculled that floodplain.

    Now I have admitted responsibility for blocking access without damage. Are you not obliged to report me to the police?

    Please provide written advice from all opposing groups and Environment Agency approval and approval from councillors and we can fight it out in Court.

    You have some cleaning up to do.

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    Less than a mile downstream of Ely Mike on opp bank to Cathedral

    Damage is much more critical than I imagined

    Here is my fb report

    Banjo Nick
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    Banjo Nick
    Soon the occupation of site of Cambridge University eco-vandalism downstream of this ancient settlement will begin. Today I am Scully, eco-pirate, undefeated.
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    Caris Mathis
    Have a super day Nick 💫x
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    Carol Kilgore
    Be safe out there!
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    Jo Brown
    Beaut day for it
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    Banjo Nick
    Pirate Ted now in position on eco-offensive pontoon. Aryldited in place and waving Jolly Roger. In permanent marker I have written:

    Cambridge University so well-read
    Curst be he or she who moves this Ted!

    Also moved 20 iron grates from horizontal to vertical to block access road with large red Stop sign wired in.

    And this morning added verse of song

    You can’t build a house on the floodplane
    The water will rise like the tears in your eyes
    You can’t build a house on the floodplane
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    Banjo Nick
    James Warren, newest fb friend and Ely resident. I was unable to get pics of my eco-friendly handiwork as out of range with tablet. So if you feel like a stroll on Elyside bank would love to have photo of Pirate Ted in position!
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