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Marathon Sculling Log 2

Banjo Nick Ramblings


Kiwi boat-movers

Preface 1

The Four-Stroke Cycle

Via e-mail to the Official Sir Steve Redgrave Website (that doesn’t mean Sir Steve Redgrave has read it!); The President, Cambridge University Boat Club; and Laurie Anderson, The West Australian Sculling Academy (where I was apprenticed between 2001 and 2005).


the crew should simply agree upon a mantra covering four strokes (that is the ideal number because 4 objects can be visualised easily even by ‘non-visualisers’)… that’s all. The boat will go faster because the mental energies of individual rowers will combine… nothing more sophisticated than that (unless you really want to engage me with my ideal ‘correct livelihood!’) – they just have to agree on a ‘mantra’ – any language – any meaning – the boat will go faster.

Cheers – enjoy the Tideway.

Nick Ward

I recommend this yoga site for convincing explanations of why mantra-mediation generates power and endurance: and…

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