Posted by: nickwardscenarios | April 30, 2015

Peaceful Gathering Parliament Square Friday 1 May 10am against forced closure of remote Aboriginal communities

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  2. Under discussion

    7 hours ago
    Karol Florek
    that’s ok!
    5 should be good.
    7 hours ago · Sent from Web
    Banjo Nick
    OK see u in back yard and we can wander down to river. WiFi extends as far as willow tree. Ancient crossing point.
    7 hours ago
    Karol Florek
    cool, on my way now!
    2 hours ago · Sent from Web
    Karol Florek
    Hey you at the green dragon? I’m just in the outdoor bit by the river
    2 hours ago · Sent from Messenger
    Banjo Nick
    In position comrade
    35 minutes ago ·
    User Profile Picture
    Banjo Nick
    So its 12 noon peaceful gathering in Trafalgar Square followed by me and Karol sliding away and staging the first of as many vigils as it takes to get matters sorted out by the traditional owners as soon as Abbott and Barnett have u-turned on planned forced dispossion of remote aboriginal communities. There has been talk of a Boycot of Australian sourced goods and services which I support and would encourage individuals to make the pledge not to buy Australian until the International Law rules against the Australian Government, which if there is any justice left in the system which makes the rules will result in conviction of racism, etc, on this demand, for a Boycott I will await the decisions of the mob, Sam and Kate. And, of course, Karol, I see no reason why Asylum seekers , Deaths in Custody, Native Title reneigned unlawfully, etc, etc, yes, of course these focused campaigners can increase the pressure. My focus is the forced closure of aboriginal communities, links through to mining, and everything else. Racism.
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    50 minutes ago

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