Posted by: nickwardscenarios | September 10, 2015

Baroness Worthington..shame on you!,_Baroness_Worthington

Has this Labour Party Peer seen the devastated landscapes of North Dakota as she pipes up in favour of toxic fracking?

Water usage and chemical contamination…millions of gallons per frack…is the key issue…is she capable of visualising the proliferation of fracking pads that will result.

Jeremy Corbyn for Leader of Labour Party. Corbyn is against this brutal assault on our most precious resource, H2O.

Bryony Worthington, Baroness Worthington – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bryony Katherine Worthington, Baroness Worthington, (born 19 September 1971),[1][2] is a British environmental campaigner and Labour life peer in the House of Lords. She has promoted change in attitudes to the environment, and action to tackle climate change, and founded Sandbag, a non-profit campai…


  1. Nearly two years since I wrote on Crawley Police cell wall following unlawful arrest for Obstruction of the Highway on London Road Balcolmbe…it took 16 months to overturn the conviction in the Crown Court… I was prosecuted and fined for Criminal Damage for writing, in pencil: Fracking contaminates H2O it is a crime against the natural world.
    Lets hope Jeremy Corbyn leads the Labour Party to share his anti toxic fracking position…

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