Posted by: nickwardscenarios | September 12, 2015

Keef on BBC Radio 4 Front Row yesterday

Banjo Nick

Keef on Radio 4 now! : ‘It is marginally easier to rock than to roll’…brilliantly self-aware interview from Mr Riff promoting his very stripped down solo album. On songwriting: ‘songs are floating through this room if you can pick them up’…paraphrasing. Great praise for Charlie Watts. Very guarded on Third World War with Mick Jagger in 1980s…but claims that 99 per cent of the time they are locked together like brothers. His ritual words to Water Rat Ronnie as they go onstage to ‘levitate’ before 60,000 people: ‘Come on old boy, let’s get a couple of hours of peace and quiet!’. Humble about his uniquely syncopated guitar sound: ‘One day I’ll get the hang of it’ (smoker’s laugh). Utterly charming and as sharp as ever after 50 years of enriching us with his dazzling talent. Claims there is no physical problem with performing…less exhausting than 30 years ago as junkie…no plans to retire. Long live Keef!

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