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message for Caroline Lucas regarding right to peacefully assemble

From Facebook exchanges this morning… conclusion:

Banjo Nick

PC 4089
How does he remember our half hour conversation? Can he confirm that he stated ‘busking is illegal in Brighton’? Does he understand that ‘drumming is not welcome in Brighton’ is not legally enforcable. The banjo is a drum with strings on afterall.

Caroline Lucas


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Keef on BBC Radio 4 Front Row yesterday

Banjo Nick

Keef on Radio 4 now! : ‘It is marginally easier to rock than to roll’…brilliantly self-aware interview from Mr Riff promoting his very stripped down solo album. On songwriting: ‘songs are floating through this room if you can pick them up’…paraphrasing. Great praise for Charlie Watts. Very guarded on Third World War with Mick Jagger in 1980s…but claims that 99 per cent of the time they are locked together like brothers. His ritual words to Water Rat Ronnie as they go onstage to ‘levitate’ before 60,000 people: ‘Come on old boy, let’s get a couple of hours of peace and quiet!’. Humble about his uniquely syncopated guitar sound: ‘One day I’ll get the hang of it’ (smoker’s laugh). Utterly charming and as sharp as ever after 50 years of enriching us with his dazzling talent. Claims there is no physical problem with performing…less exhausting than 30 years ago as junkie…no plans to retire. Long live Keef!
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Baroness Worthington..shame on you!,_Baroness_Worthington

Has this Labour Party Peer seen the devastated landscapes of North Dakota as she pipes up in favour of toxic fracking?

Water usage and chemical contamination…millions of gallons per frack…is the key issue…is she capable of visualising the proliferation of fracking pads that will result.

Jeremy Corbyn for Leader of Labour Party. Corbyn is against this brutal assault on our most precious resource, H2O.

Bryony Worthington, Baroness Worthington – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bryony Katherine Worthington, Baroness Worthington, (born 19 September 1971),[1][2] is a British environmental campaigner and Labour life peer in the House of Lords. She has promoted change in attitudes to the environment, and action to tackle climate change, and founded Sandbag, a non-profit campai…

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River Lea

Lower Lee

Lower Lea on the ride back to Cambridge from Thames visit. Wed 9th Sept.

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The Swamp Brothers at The Six Bells tomorrow from 6pm

The Swamp Brothers, Gene Thunderbolt and myself will be performing at The Six Bells on Sunday…kicking off around six pm…this will be our first five-set gig Eileen O’Brien so keep the beer taps flowing!

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Obama speaks of ‘renewables revolution’

Obama’s message on renewables ‘revolution’, the heartening news that Americans are turning to renewables to keep their bills down hardly got a mention on pro-toxic fracking Today BBC Radio 4 this morning. As the Labour Party vetting of new members is worthy of the Nazi Party. What are the Labour Party values that Corbyn does not stand for?

Illegal invasion of Iraq? Bailing out failed banks and rewarding criminal finance sector? The death of Higher Education, humanities? The atom bomb? Toxic fracking? Nuclear power, a curse on future generations because there is no long-term solution for nuclear waste storage? Support for the arms trade?

Corbyn for Leader!

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music-making in Cambridge today…home sweet home

With Gene Thunderbolt at The Six Bells in Cambridge. We have been The Swamp Brothers since 2008.

With Gene Thunderbolt at The Six Bells in Cambridge. The Swamp Brothers since 2008.

Banjo Nick

Plenty of music-making coming up today. I’ll be busking with local fiddlerFaradena Afifi from 11 am in Lion Yard outside Boots… and at 5pm I’ll be with Swamp Brother Gene Thunderbolt at the Six Bells open mic. New take on JJ Cale’s Sensitive Kind on the cards if I can get the lyrics learned! Slowhand blues from Mr Thunderbolt!
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Banjo Nick Ramblings starts here!

My first photo uploaded outside my local pub The Milton Arms Hungry Horse in Cambridge...been trying unsuccessfully for a couple of days to add a photo to Banjo Nick Ramblings text of two days ago. This is a photo diary!

My first photo uploaded outside my local pub The Milton Arms Hungry Horse in Cambridge…been trying unsuccessfully for a couple of days to add a photo to Banjo Nick Ramblings text of two days ago. This is a photo diary!

Facebook is where I have been posting my photo diary since moving away from excellent Blogpress as a regular routine a couple of years ago. However three times in this Spring and Summer I have fallen foul of Facebook’s illogical and unethical policy of removing my fb profiles on the dodgy grounds that Banjo Nick is not the name I am ‘known by’. My first response to having all of my copyright photos, diary entries and exchanges removed without any just cause was simply to call myself Banjo Nick Ward and then Nick Ward (Banjo Nick) on Facebook, but not happily. Nick Ward was the name I used ( Nicholas Jonathon Ward was name my parents gave me) when I worked as a playwright-director, which I stopped doing in 1997 following my production of The Cenci at The Almeida Theatre…a music-theatre piece for Almeida Opera. The break with the professional London theatre was not without trauma but Banjo Nick is the result. And these days I am happy to be a travelling troubadour busking and gigging my way from place to place on my bike. Theatre-making at its purest. Unsubsidised and unmediated. Facebook has proved a wonderful medium for connecting with like-minded environmental activists and musicians, artists…and many others who share my mission to keep the rivers clean and challenge polluters to justify their insane investments in filthy fossil fuels and the arms trade which subsidises it to the tune of trillions. Banjo Nick as a Facebook entity has been restored today, and that pleases me, but for how long? Only unknown FB admins can answer that question so from today I’m back here on this site, formerly Nick Ward Scenarios…and I will post links to my FB profile Banjo Nick in the hope that it remains. Hats off to WordPress. Despite some fiercely anti-polluter postings over the years I was never censored.

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Australia House Peaceful Vigil Friday 26 June starting 12noon



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